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Embrace your innermost strength & peace


“The biggest gift you can offer to yourself and others is to be whole and in your truth.”

– Renchia Droganis, Africology CEO and Founder 

 For as many years as I can remember, my mantra in life has been inspired by my personal journey of healing, a deep-seated yearning to be whole and grow into more. I experienced a profound urge to move from feeling like a victim, and step into the most independent and empowered version of Me.

My journey to transformation has opened my eyes to so many aspects of our inner lives that need to be tended lovingly with self-care and compassion. It’s a path of discovery that will continuously reveal new levels of awareness and awakening if we keep showing up for our most authentic selves throughout life.

 An invincible power within

  Feminine energies tend to feel more. As women, we typically absorb the energies and emotions of everyone around us. Because we also subconsciously tap into their needs, it inevitably starts to blur our reality – which leads to people-pleasing and in turn, we feel overwhelmed, fearful and stressed.

 Almost like an annual reminder of your lifelong journey, Women’s Day is also a powerful reminder of the values and virtues that form the essence of our feminine energies. When these are neglected or hidden away, life becomes hardened, dulled and riddled with illness and niggles. Conversely, when the pathways to our feminine energies are opened and our inner strengths can shine and excel, we welcome light, lightness and good health into our lives.

 As intuitive beings, we already know these values and virtues by heart and this Women’s Day is an opportunity to recommit to staying in your inner peace, embracing your integrity, being determined to succeed and tapping into your common sense. It’s also a chance to become conscious of how easily we start falling into victim mode – and remind ourselves that the key strategies to emerge from that darkness are awareness to awaken your authentic power, success and good health. 


“Happiness is really not out there and no matter how hard you work at pleasing others, keeping the peace and avoiding difficult conversations, the truth is that your need to face your own fears and awaken your innermost Wise Woman.”

– Renchia Droganis, Africology CEO and Founder 


Welcoming the Wise Woman home 

At its core, victim mentality is the habit of always trying to please others at the expense of yourself, instead of staying in your authentic power. It’s when you fail to say no when you mean no and don’t say yes to opportunities to soar. Remember that a heart that beats to the rhythm of truth, needn’t bow to anything that isn’t self-serving. Self-compassion is a gift, and emotional intelligence is the key that unlocks secure attachments. 

 A wise woman has learnt the value of optimism. She knows when to relax into wisdom, how to destress and has mastered the skill of self-regulation. Her enquiring mind asks questions, and she feels free to engage in difficult conversations. She’s resilient enough to not become stuck in what doesn’t work for her.

 She is kind to those who don’t know any better, but won’t tolerate negative behaviour. She sets boundaries with love and steers clear from self-defeating behaviour. She knows that respect is earned and that being grounded in your truth earns great respect from others.



We celebrate wholeness, happiness & your most sacred self

One of the most empowering realisations we can have in life is that happiness is truly an inside job – no one else can create it for us. While we may experience the magic of closeness to another, we will always return to ourselves.

A fulfilling, happy, productive and loving life depends on firm inner foundations and feeling calmly grounded in your truth as you navigate any turbulence that may come your way. Inner strength also strengthens your immune system, protects your heart and fosters a healthier and longer life.

At Africology, we celebrate your inner journey as much as we dedicate each of our formulations to the sanctity and health of your body & skin – and all our products have been mindfully designed to induce a profound sense of happiness through natural ingredients that nourish, nurture and soothe.

Using only pure aromatherapy oils which are selected for their ability to activate parts of the olfactory system where happy chemicals are released, we are conscious of how they also serve a much deeper need for the health of your skin.

 This Women’s Month, it is our wish that you’ll tap into your most sacred self. We hope you’ll discover and enjoy more happy rituals that involve true self-care and be in the moment to process & create beautiful stories on this journey that is your life. 

In celebration of you, we have a whole range of phenomenal special savings in store this month. It’s also the perfect time to pay it forward, so, in alignment with our belief that together, we can achieve greatness, our empowering Women Initiative is the ideal opportunity to touch the heart of another woman too. Your purchase will play a vital part in making this project come to life.

To find out how this beautiful and important drive will unfold, please click here

Here's to the magical light & powerful inner strength that always resides in you.

Renchia Droganis - Africology CEO & Founder

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