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Our Story

The Africology story is one of perseverance and manifestation, family values and following what’s right even if that means delaying instant gratification. This is a story about a family coming together, defying the odds through passion and purpose with a shared mission to capture the intelligence of nature in order to enrich lives. Renchia Droganis (CEO & Founder) manifested Africology through a time of great adversity (as many great things are). Being a single mother to four children and facing increasing financial pressures, Renchia put her skillset and intuition to work. A metaphysical therapist, nutritionist, aromatherapist and avid researcher with reference to all things botanical, Renchia had early on recognised the power of offering essential oil blends for her clients which would transcend topical benefits but instead work on a deeper level of consciousness and awareness that self-care in alignment to nature would allow for true healing to transpire.

Renchia was soon approached to create a product for a spa. With some divine intervention, a body wrap Renchia created was applied to the feet of a client’s young son. You see the little boy suffered from psoriasis, and his one wish was to be able to swim again. When Renchia heard this story, she gave some of the body wrap to the mommy to apply to her little boys’ feet. By the third treatment his little toes started to heal and soon after the little boy was able to swim once more.

This experience created an inner knowing that her intention was set, and with that more requests were made for more product… This became the birthing experience for the brand.

This began a process of years of research, application and refinement. Those days, not much thought was given by consumers on how the ingredients in skincare can have a negative effect on the endocrine system.

Renchia explains that “it was an uphill battle sourcing chemical free/natural cosmetic ingredients and it was horrifying to learn the effects of the chemical additives used by some of the world’s largest skincare companies”. Needless to say, Renchia’s determination and vision spilled from the cosmetic mixing pots in her kitchen onto her four children. Africology became a shared value between all. Her four children began assisting in the business at a young age, finding their own niche over the years. From sharing bedrooms in order to make space for stock to running their own successful divisions in the company. As Renchia says fondly, “we are a family business nurtured from a tender age ...”

Today Africology can be found in some of the leading hotels and spas around the world. With all of the Africology products still being manufactured in-house, albeit in a much larger ISO-Certified “family kitchen”. The Africology core values still vibrate through every product made and it is our wish to share authentic beauty and the essence of Africa, as we intend to play our part in the preservation of earth.

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