Hotel Amenities

At Africology, we believe it is possible to enjoy a luxurious hotel stay without compromising the environment. Informed by years of research and scientific studies and guided by conscience, Africology is an authentic spa and beauty range comprising of organic, fair trade and ethically-formulated products. Our hotel amenities range, seen in five star hotels around the world, is bio-identical and works with your biology to ensure visible results. Our products are preserved with natural active ingredients, and are safely biodegradable. Our formulations are clean, untouched by harsh chemical ingredients and with a minimum of processing to maintain the restorative properties of our ingredients. Crafted with the finest essential oils and imbued with natural antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, Africology leaves your spirit and skin refreshed and renewed. Our commitment to ethical excellence and superb craftsmanship has been recognised by The Luxury Travel Guide, which has voted Africology as the Contemporary Spa of the Year for South Africa.

Should you wish to introduce Africology into your hotel offerings, please contact  or contact us through the link below.