Africology began in a humble residential kitchen, with products made by hand and packed by the family for clients. Now Africology boasts an extensive manufacturing facility, which allows us to control every step of production, ensuring that our high standards are met.

By controlling our production, we can ensure that a minimum of processing is done in order to maintain the integrity of our products. Many of our oils and plant extracts are delicate, and we take care to ensure that they are not damaged by excess heat or over-processing. Initially, we would send our ingredients to third parties for manufacturing, but then we could not always be certain that our products were not being contaminated, or that ingredients were being stored properly. Now, we can maintain the integrity of every ingredient to ensure the very best results.

It is also vitally important to us that every step of our production is cruelty-free, as we do absolutely do not test our ingredients or products on animals. All Africology safety-testing is done with skin patch tests on volunteers to ensure that our products are safe to use on human skin.



Ethical and cruelty-free - there is no sense in harming others for self-gain. 

We love Nature and its ability to provide plants that heal. We are strongly against animal testing and have never tested any of our products on animals. We choose to test on living human skin in our dermatological testing protocol, and strive to only use ingredients that do not need to be tested on animals. 

Using the finest natural and organic ingredients, we work on our formulations to ensure that they never contain harsh chemicals. Our intention is to treat all skin as sensitive and precious. Because our skincare products are packed with biologically-active ingredients, we know that our products nurture and nourish the skin, maintaining a healthy, natural balance. We value the activity of the endocrine system, and know that what we put on our skin can either support or break down this vital biological system. We avoid all estrogen-mimicking chemicals and plastics that might otherwise harm your endocrine system. We believe that sustainability is a key part of skin management, which is why we choose ingredients that are aligned with your health and functionality for the long term. 

We would love for Africology to be an integral part of your daily skin routine, knowing that it can support your wellbeing instead of acting as a quick fix.