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This winter the way forward is unlocked by simply letting go

There’s such a special quality to wintertime that almost inevitably welcomes a natural slowing down of both body and mind – and as we adjust to colder conditions to be warm, nourished and ensconced, our innate impulse is to activate deep healing to step into spring refreshed and renewed. 


It’s a time to hunker down and simply flow with your truth – by tapping into your own true heart and welcoming all that is meant for you. Without expending energy on what doesn't serve you, you can pursue your wellbeing and purpose in life.


In my own life, I keep experiencing the “Gift of Winter” in the profoundest of ways. In the past week, the words of my Qigong master taught me that awareness is a gift, but to practice letting go is mastery. Energy (chi) in its very essence is like liquid and about being moved. When it’s held tightly, it depletes the natural flow to the legs and feet that allows movement. Simply put: the way forward is unlocked by simply letting go. 



Decades of studying metaphysics and being fascinated by the intricate links between feelings and physical wellness also taught me that emotions can wreak havoc on our bodies – especially the skin. In winter, this is pronounced through dry, flaky and itchy conditions flaring up. And considering that holistically speaking, all physical symptoms are borne from a need for nurturing and a healthy flow of pent-up emotions, it comes down to what my teacher so eloquently explained – a matter of stuck chi.


Listening to The Art of Letting Go – The Philosophy of the Lao Tzu while driving to class, I was once again in awe of the Universe’s timing and clarity, and how it can deliver meaningful messages wrapped up inside of each other. The continuity to what I was told – both in class and in Lao Tzu’s teachings – reaffirmed what I had heard, and made its impact all the more powerful. 



Trying to control situations and outcomes – even subconsciously – can be so detrimental to one’s health, and lead to illness by affecting organs like the heart, spleen and liver. Oxygen-rich blood flows optimally when your mind is at ease and your emotions are balanced – as their wellbeing are expressed directly through the body. The opposite of being controlling and on edge is to be like water, no matter what the challenges may be. Let it flow, be still and observe, and know that the universe will guide and show you the way. 


I highly recommend finding some moments of peace to read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse this winter. Immensely inspiring, it’s a heart-mind game-changer similar to The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 



At Africology, our intention has always been to allow you to find spaces where you have the freedom to let go and return to yourself. Designed to detach from all demands and distractions, our beautifully curated spas are a haven of tranquillity – where expert therapists release what’s locked inside your body, so you can refill your heart space.

Through the application of natural products free from any chemical harm, each treatment is a journey that will see you emerge rejuvenated, calm and connected to your health and healing. What’s more, our winter spa promotions focus on treating muscular tensions, removing the build-up of toxins in the body, and addressing dry skin conditions to transform and restore. As one of my most beloved therapies, our Energy Charge is also offered at such a phenomenaly promoted price that you can’t afford to not treat yourself to one this season! Brimming with artemisia, it’s the perfect antidote for fatigue, and also a godsend for giving viruses the boot. 

 Here’s to a warm, happy and healing winter.

CEO & Founder

Renchia Droganis

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