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Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for spiritual and medicinal purposes by healers, mothers and religious leaders. Essential oils are the fragrant parts of a plant which have properties that can help us physically and emotionally. The most popular way to apply these oils is through massage, and this increases the effects of the oils by greatly relaxing body and mind. Essential oils can also be used in a number of other ways and still produce great benefits, such as in the bath or in a vaporiser. Africology uses this concept and creates formulations that contain natural plant extracts that work in synergy with essential oils in each individual product.

We create protocols that work in synergy with the oils or balms that we use during our massages. For example if one chooses to give the client a stimulating treatment they will then choose the Energising oil or the Black Pepper balm.

Aromas go straight to the part of the brain that stores memories and elicits emotions. We acknowledge the power of smell to relax, to empower, to revitalise. Because of the power of smell, it is very important to us at Africology to combine the right ingredients and essential oils to create the right scent.

Your body lotion should do more than moisturise: it should uplift your mood and fill your senses. While most body lotions are filled with chemicals so that they last for three years on the shelf (even after opening), our body applications, and all of our other products, are formulated with natural oils and plants. So while our products only have a shelf life of six months, you can be assured that they were made with the greatest of care and designed for your specific needs.

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