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The Goddess Collection

There has never been a greater need for self-care. When we are balanced within, we can meet any challenge the world has to offer. When it seems as though the world is consumed by despair, anger and pain, remember that within you is a powerful essence. Within you, there is the ability to manifest beauty and compassion in the world around you.

The Goddess Collection combines scents, oils and nourishment for the skin, capturing the intelligence of nature to help you gather together your mind and soul. Our lip balm defends against the harsh effects of our environment so that you can speak your words of kindness and affirmation through soft lips. The hydrating and nourishing essence of marula oil restores the skin to its natural, supple state. Fragranced with our inimitable blend of essential oils, our Marula Hydrating Oil takes care of the outside, while the Neroli Fragrance harnesses the scent of the goddess to restore the spirit. Neroli is the orange blossom captured, but never diluted. Breathe in deeply and allow the neroli scent to reawaken your own divine spirit and restore your power.

You are beautiful and capable of great things – restore your soul’s strength through self-care and affirmation, through the power of scent and the intelligence of nature.

Every day holds the potential for healing ourselves, and therefore the world. This collective gift is for the self in times of need. When anger, fear and pain threaten to overwhelm, turn to that which is beautiful and restore your balance.

Lip balm - When words are spoken with love on soft lips, the heart of the receiver is always filled with joy. Beautifully formulated with ingredients that nurture, soften and hydrate, our lip balm restores the balance.

Marula Hydrating Oil - Bursting with vitamins and minerals, our pure plant oils uplift the skin and brings joy to the soul.

Neroli Fragrance - Neroli, the oil of the goddess, a powerful fragrance that follows the goddess as she goes, leaving the perfect scent for others.

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