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Spreading Our Radiance


My life as a metaphysical counsellor, Reiki master, and body-mind therapist has provided me with many special experiences. I used to do self-development mastery sessions for an organisation called Leadership Through Creative Education. At LTCE, the approach to basic adult education was not only to give disadvantaged South Africans an opportunity to read and write, but also to give them an opportunity to heal their past pain through nuturing within them a healthy self-esteem.

Our students were under-privileged South Africans who had never experienced any form of education. Their ages ranged from 20 up to 80 years of age. Many of the students had participated in various forms of crime.

It was at one of these sessions with a man in his thirties that I had an "aha" moment. Bear in mind that in the work I do, there is no space for judgement. I just listen and understand and empathise with the experience of the other person. However, on this day I had a very angry man in front of me. He joined groups that would challenge the values of the very company that employed them. Intimidating co-workers was not uncommon for him and his gang. It was a sad and painful story that unfolded before me. I learned how at the age of six this man was utterly abandoned, left without parents, a home or a place of safety.

This awful injustice seared my soul, giving me a moment of deep awakening...and to my surprise I experienced a beautiful feeling of forgiveness in my soul. I didn't know what the forgiveness was for. Was it forgiving myself for not understanding what was happening around me? Was it forgiving him for living a life of criminal activity? But what I do know for sure is that moment of spiritual recognition awakened within me a deep sense of wanting the world to become more aware of human abuse, and at the same time to recognise that it is possible to empower oneself.

I used to make my own skincare products for my clients. I would mix essential oils according to their physical and emotional needs. After this jolting and stimulating counselling session, I felt even more connected with my body and mind principles, understanding that our body expresses our inner thoughts and emotions. It makes perfect sense that our skin will also symbolically reflect our self-esteem. And isn't it true that we so often purchase a bottleful of "self esteem"? It is our hope that an external application will change the outer image which we present to the world.

Africology is the study of Africa. Starting a brand that would encapsulate the behaviour, experiences and the healing potential of Africa was a way for me to express my need for human development.

I wanted to capture the healing essences of Africa.
 I do see the ecology of Africa as a process of healing or becoming whole. No matter where in the world you may be, there is a little bit of Africa in you. Learn from your experiences, relate them to your world, how they can affect your mind and ultimately understand their expression in your body and skin.

It is my intention for Africology skin and body products to deliver this message and to create a sense of well-being not only on a physical level, but spiritual one too.
When I do my spa training I always remind the therapists that all beauty shines from within. I call it my Africology Radiance.   Just as humans need to be compatible with each other in order to have functional relationships, so do the ingredients we use in our formulations interact in a similar manner. I select essential oils for their compatibility with the plants I choose.

I believe that botanicals and essential oils which are in harmony with each other have a functional and synergistic effect on the skin with essential oils affecting the emotions as well as they shift moods and dissolve stress.
Once again my inborn metaphysical skills are of crucial importance in this task. I use my intuitive ability to select herbs, plants and oils for my formulations. I enjoy connecting with the essence of plants to confirm their readiness to be used. Honouring the spirit of Mother Earth is a priority for me before I use products in my formulations.  What is taken from earth has to be replaced, and I will not allow any chemicals to taint the earth from which I source ingredients. I will not allow animals to be harmed in tests, nor will I take advantage of poor communities in sourcing ingredients. By respecting the world and all its citizens, I know that Africology can be a truly holistic, kind and beautiful gift to the world.

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