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Our Fair Trade Policy

Q. What is Fair Trade?

A. Fair trade means that farmers, workers, and artisans:

1. receive a sufficient price under direct long-term contracts
2. are small-scale producers in democratic co-ops (coffee, cocoa, bananas, fruits, crafts) or workers on larger farms who receive a living wage and can bargain collectively (tea, bananas, fruits)
3. don't use abusive child labour or forced labour, and
4. use ecologically sustainable methods.

Africology is part of the global fair trade awareness movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty. Africology is of the conviction that solutions to rural problems lie within the community: however corporates can play a major role by supporting training and development programmes in which communities are able to empower themselves.

Africology works to improve the lives of the rural poor by addressing basic needs for water (our water project), education, skills transfer (massage education), as well as future projects for solar power installations.

Where possible, we only purchase raw materials from new, emerging farmers, who are committed to improving their ability to grow materials in a sustainable manner, as well as assisting their workers in developmental programs.

Teaching underprivileged South Africans the art of massage is one way of creating sustainable jobs for so many. We are focused on educating hotels and lodges on the benefit of developing at least one member of the community in the art of massage. Our trainers develop this community member into a fully trained massage therapist, making sure that she has a skill that is transferable and durable.

The benefits are enormous for both the trainee and the employee in creating a sustainable working relationship.

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