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Neurotransmitter Self-Care

Neurotransmitter healthWithout good mental health, we cannot rise to accomplish all that we wish to. An important part of this is maintaining good daily habits that contribute to the health of our brains and nervous system.

Olfactory Care

We all love to be surrounded by good smells, and often choose to fragrance our work or sleep spaces, and more importantly, our skin. However, a chemical fragrance that is constantly inhaled at close proximity, such as on your clothes or from a diffuser on your desk, can have long-term repercussions. A strong fragrance comprised of chemicals can cause damage to the skin and pigmentation when applied directly, and the chemical signature can harm the brain’s neurotransmitters. This can cause feelings of anxiety, and this energy can escalate into severe anxiety before crashing into depression.

Long-term perfume abuse can cause an imbalance in the olfactory organ, damaging our ability to gain happiness from scent and causing a loss in bliss. Instead, choose to use a beautifully blended mix of essential oils, which can bring peace and balance when coupled with a good supplement protocol. 

We recommend our essential oil blends, all carefully distilled from the purest oils and completely safe for extended use in diffusers and burners.

Daily Supplementation

We all strive for a healthy, balanced diet. But given the reduction of nutrients in our food due to poor soil quality, it is important to add supplements to ensure that you get all your essential vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium is one of our superhero minerals when it comes to overall health care. Magnesium combats physical and mental fatigue boosts focus, improves sleep, evens out blood pressure, keeps the bones strong, stabilises moods and manages inflammation. This improves overall mental health, and pairs beautifully with our overall goal of improved quality of life.

Add magnesium to your daily routine with our Magnesium Milk Bath, our Muscle Ease Rub, and Africology Bath Time Rituals.

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