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Celebrating Inner Beauty


This Women's Day, we're inspired by the words of Audrey Hepburn, who said that a woman's true beauty is reflected in her soul.

"It's the caring that she lovingly gives, and the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman only grows with passing years."

The wisdom that we gain with age is an immense source of inner stability and for each of us, there comes a time when we team to let go of the ties that bind our souls - when we free ourselves from ego and self-sabotaging notions of right and wrong. It's when we finally step into our own light, and away from external demands that threaten our authenticity. 

Realising the inherent value of healthy boundaries is a core component of this journey; and learning to say no is part of honouring your intuition in doing what feels right for you.

Self-respect means being accountable for your own joy and the first step is to free yourself from the expectations of others... Especially if they require that you mould your being to their liking, at the expense of your true self.

Accepting responsibility for your authentic being is a beautiful step towards inner stability and elevates your emotional intelligence. It also empowers you to transcend the heavy weight of blame - and to recognise that the outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. Ultimately, what we think and feel will translate into our experiences.


Soul sanctuary

True self-mastery involves letting go of what no longer serves you and returning to your own inner refuge. This is especially pertinent in the face of aggression, manipulation or pain. By turning within and staying there for a moment, we allow our emotions to be felt, and come to understand them with compassion — and without the shackles of past experiences.

Self-healing rituals are profoundly valuable to facilitate this level of learning and healing, and they allow energy to flow freely into your being. Like magicians, we can create our own beautiful realities - confident in the knowledge that our intuition will guide us and help to sustain our authenticity.

Your intuition is a wellspring of wisdom and knows unequivocally what works best for you, and what not. In this space, limitations fall away: you flow freely and use your voice - instead of avoiding the issues your soul came to master.

When the soul is not allowed to soar, it stays trapped within self-imposed limitations. This often happens when we try to protect ourselves from the hurt of rejection, or the pain of abandonment. But the ripple-effect is to not speak our truth, suppress our light and forget how to practice self-love; and spiritual symptoms of a soul battling wiM these self-made constraints include depression and anxiety.


Reclaim your power

It starts with giving yourself permission to dance with all your heart. And remembering that you are strong, and beautiful, and wise. You are connected to the Earth and her unlimited healing energy is continuously there for you - a source of wholeness to revive your soul.

When you return to her natural wisdom, you find the peace and space to purify and realign your core. Nothing and no-one can imprison your spirit's freedom without your permission. There's no place for petty drama or theatrics, or to get caught up in futile games. Your inner wisdom shines trough, and you don't need a constant stream of validation. Because you remember your worth.

This is when you become empowered to release your fears, safe in the knowledge that denying your emotions amounts to abandoning yourself. Safe in the knowledge tat learning to understand your feelings is the essence of self-empowerment. And standing tall, because you're not bound to any particular fate, and calmly in command of your own life.

This Women's Day, remember who you are...

A free spirit, who dances to the beat of your own heart's drum

The master of your inner balance

In step with your intuition, which is your own true North

Nourished by with your unique daily rituals

Beautiful, with a place in this beautiful world

You are the essence of Africology.

And we celebrate your inner beauty. It resonates with everything we stand for - everything that's real, authentic and true.

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