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Celebrate the return of beautiful Spring with our Eco-Parfum range

Our sense of smell is the first we gain, and the last we lose. Through scent we recognise family, and through fragrance we are uplifted. Important moments are marked by scent – of a baby’s skin, of a beloved’s aftershave, of granny’s baking. It’s the warmth of a family dinner, the jacket of a father hanging in a cupboard. Smells have warned us, guided us and reminded us.


All of this is why Africology treats fragrances with utmost reverence. Working with oils and plant extracts requires intuition and patience. It is the careful balance of artist and scientist, chef and alchemist. Before you feel our products on your skin, you first know their value through scent.


Most perfumes contain harsh chemicals that damage the skin upon application, as well as cheap, toxic chemical reproductions of scents. In response, we have crafted an eco-parfum range, scented with the most powerful, natural plant extracts and essential oils. Our eco-parfums are safely and ethically formulated in order to do no harm to your skin or the environment.

 As the flowers return and the scents of Nature begin to unfurl into the warmer air, celebrate the return of Spring with the eco-parfum that best matches your experiences and personality.



The scent of the goddess, captured but never diluted. The delicate scent of orange blossoms uplifts every spirit, perfect for bringing the warmth of summer to your skin.






An unforgettable floral scent, this earthy and blooming fragrance speaks of Spring and rejuvenation, fresh starts and rebirth.







Oud is a commanding fragrance, with its use being recorded for centuries. Deep and balanced, with hints of sweet smokiness. Our Oud extract is sustainably and ethically sourced.






The scent that symbolises peace, this warm, sweet and herbaceous fragrance creates serenity, balance and comfort.







Sweet and earthy, so recognisable and comforting, this dry and warm fragrance grounds the spirit and encourages stability.

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