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Caring for Ourselves and the Earth

The Beauty and Necessity in Caring For Ourselves and the Earth

It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the constant and frightening revelations of what is happening to our beautiful Earth. Daily we are met with new facts and images of rising temperatures, accelerated natural disasters, deforestation, food scarcity, extreme weather conditions and more. It is obvious to us all that our selfish and short-sighted treatment of this planet and its once-abundant resources is now costing us dearly. And not only in our lifetimes, but those of our children, and their children too.

What is to be done? It all seems so irreversible, so impossible, that it seems easier to give up. Why bother?

But of course, if you didn’t care, you would not be so careful in the products you use. You choose to use a brand such as Africology, because you share the same goals and vision as us. You choose recyclable glass, and ethical formulations, and cruelty-free products. You do care, and we celebrate you for that, because that natural desire to care is the only thing that will make a difference in the future.

Here are a few ways to manifest that difference:


When we accept universal responsibility, our choices naturally become more compassionate. By making choices that are good for others as well as ourselves, we automatically begin to uplift others, and to make more careful use of the resources we have.


When we have the correct knowledge, we find new and impactful ways to make a difference. Environmental education means living a more balanced way of life, sharing rather than consuming mindlessly. When we know the impact of our food choices, our clothing choices, our cosmetic choices, then we can hold ourselves, others and companies accountable.


When we are motivated by kindness, we already know what needs to be done. When we act with genuine compassion for our environment and all those we share it with, we live more mindfully and carefully. We can still protect each other and share our natural environment, while we still have it.

There are so many hundreds of little ways that we can all make a difference. We can shop cruelty-free. We can choose organic, and fair trade. We can recycle. We can eat more ethically farmed and source foods. We can eat locally, and buy from small businesses. We can support organisations that get clean water to those in need. We can hold companies accountable for their carbon footprints and use of unnecessary chemicals.

We know that you already have the heart to do what needs to be done. We wish to continue working with you, as your Africology purchases support our sourcing, principles and manufacturing ethos. Thank you for helping us do what is right, rather than what is easy or cheap.

Yours in kindness,



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