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Africology Rose Tea

The most sacred scent has been married with the strength and healing properties of rooibos to create Africology Rose Tea. This caffeine-free tea is crafted by oxidising and fermenting fresh rooibos leaves, and scented with Moroccan rose. These two precious ingredients are combined with African potato extract to charge the healing properties of our tea. We add no preservatives or chemicals to our tea, maintaining its purity through the intelligence of nature. 

Our Moroccan rose oil is the finest in the world, luxurious in its texture and potent in its fragrance. Perfect for balancing hormones and assisting with regulating periods, menopause and any hormonal disruptions. Let the fragrance float towards you, bearing calmness and serenity as it is carried by the steam. 

Take a long, savouring sip of rooibos, selected for its powerful antioxidant and flavonoid properties. It naturally contains alpha-hydroxy acid, a compound that is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and is rich in iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin C and fluoride.

In the winter, let this rich tea warm you to your cores, restoring colour to your cheeks. In the summer, serve ice cold in a pitcher filled with rose petals and lavender. Safe enough for baby to drink, this is a beautiful replacement for fizzy drinks. 

Sweeten with honey to taste. Use 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 250ml of water.

Allow your rooibos tea to steep in boiling hot water for at least 5 minutes in order to allow the flavours to develop.

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