Heart Chakra Candle

R 490.00
  • Nature

    Jasmin flower oil blended with Rosewood and Ylang Ylang

    The ritual of meditation, with a candle burning, is a beautiful reminder of our ability to change what is not working for us. 
    Aromatic flower and plant oils are known in holistic healing to have a compassionate effect on the olfactory system. 

    When the energy centres in our body are out of balance, it can negatively affect our ability to positively process challenges we may be faced with. 

    When all of the chakras are balanced, a more positive mental and emotional energy is experienced. We handcrafted a beautiful essential oil blend that resonates with each Chakra and its life lesson. With the intention to awaken the senses to a new supportive, yet compassionate self -healing practice. 

    Our body’s energy pathways are metaphysically interpreted as our database of each thought, emotion or memory of an experience. These are recorded not only in our cells, but stored in our Chakras. The state of each Chakra also reflects the health of our endocrine system. 


    The heart chakra is located in the low centre of the chest and represents self-acceptance and love. It is associated with the colour green. It is related with the lymph glands, heart, rib cage, lungs, skin, arms, hands, circulation and the immune system. A balanced heart chakra allows for self-love, contentment, compassion, acceptance, peacefulness and being centred. It encourages free-flowing emotions, the ability to harmonize what you are feeling with your thoughts, and the capacity to express your emotions. A strong energetic knowing that you are protected and helps you maintain a clean and enclosed aura. Meditating on this area can help release constricted feelings stored in the chest, releasing grief, melancholy, and repressed emotion

  • Light your candle with an intention in your heart to activate healing. Close your eyes, and gently breath in a sense of calm. With a deep knowing that healing is taking place. No anger, no upset just grounded in the knowing that you can transform negativity into positivity. Remember, your biography becomes your biology. 

  • Jasmin flower oil blended with Rosewood and Ylang Ylang

All Africology formulations are void of harmful ingredients: Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA & Disodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Isopropyl alcohol SD-40, Propylene Glycol. We are committed to eliminate all PEGs and work towards creating clean formulations that protect DNA and the environment. All our products are also free from microplastics, making them safe to wash into the water system.