Bath and Shower

Body Wash

R 79.00R 389.00

Purifying Hand Wash

R 350.00R 399.00

Body Lotion

R 150.00R 490.00


R 60.00R 270.00


R 70.00R 280.00

Body & Bath Soak

R 70.00R 355.00

Bath Salts

R 65.00R 340.00

Body Scrub

R 75.00R 580.00

Magnesium Bath Blend

R 79.50R 530.00

Bio Therapy Body Lotion

R 65.00R 390.00

Bio Therapy Body Wash

R 50.00R 295.00

Bio Therapy Shampoo

R 35.00R 215.00

Bio Therapy Conditioner

R 35.00R 225.00

Natural Loofah

R 120.00

Lavender Soap 100gr (Hand Crafted)

R 120.00

Heart Soap 60g (Hand Crafted)

R 99.00

Bath & Sleep Collection

R 1,575.00 R 1,260.00

Bio Therapy Body Wash & Body Lotion Bundle

R 548.00

Sleep Gel & Pillow/Linen Spray Bundle

R 315.00

Charcoal Soap

R 199.00R 300.00

Bath Salts & Bath Soak Bundle (250ml)

R 695.00

Lemongrass Soap 100gr (Hand Crafted)

R 120.00



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