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Natural Formulations in our Africology products

Nature possesses intelligence that can never be replicated by humans, ever-changing yet constant in its effects. The tomato that grew yesterday may not be the same colour and texture as the one of tomorrow, but the benefits of the tomato stay the same. In this modern age humans, with the help of laboratory science, can engineer colours, textures and aromas to create products that are called ‘nature-identical’. But how does this seem natural? Here at Africology we choose to allow Nature to create what it knows best.

We do not manipulate colour, texture or aroma and we always deliver the most effective products for your well-being. We do this without harmful additives, colourants or preservatives. We ask you to understand that our natural formulations can change from time to time in texture and colour.

Even our aromatherapy oils may change slightly in aroma. Like nature’s individuality - a fingerprint, a smile, a laugh - our products are never identical, never absolutely the same yet always consistent in visible results. Just as our winemakers have different harvests, so do we have different product harvest batches. Each batch is perfect as it is, and we prefer not to manipulate nature, only using its beautiful essence to deliver a product that performs naturally.



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