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Energy Charge Ritual

Energy Charge Ritual

As created by Africology CEO Renchia Droganis


Working with traditional healers in the early 90s taught me so much. We all knew that, instead of holding our breath in anticipation of a civil war, we had to choose to breathe deeply and aspire to a better journey here in South Africa.

Our many visits into rural areas, to motivate the youth to heal and make peace with the past, would inspire my future in conscious beauty.

Our meditation sessions started with a breathing exercise, as healers knew the value of breath work. Based on these visits, I later created our Africology Energy Charge oil. 

I gave much thought to the creation of an oil that was beneficial and that could capture those moments of sincere breathing in a difficult time. To remind us of a time when we breathed in as a nation, not as a fractured country.


Now we seek to create moments in which people can release themselves from thoughts and feelings that do not serve their being and journey. To be present in the now, always cognizant of the past but not tied to it.


My ingredient selection is authentic in its ability to clear, renew and allow one to breathe deeply and be in the present moment. Africology Energy Charge is blended with African oils known for their healing properties. 


The Africology Energy Charge Ritual

Apply 3 drops of Energy Charge into the palm of your hands.
Bring your hands together in a prayer placement.

Traditionally this means that with our two hands we bring two worlds together, lovingly connecting them with our heart: the place where love can change the world.

Then bring your hands to cover your nose and inhale deeply, and when you exhale, imagine yourself releasing all negativity.

Do this three times. Then with a sweeping movement bring your hands over your crown, then downwards and across your heart, clearing your magnetic field.
Trace your hands behind your head and gently massage your neck for as long as is required.

Bring your hands forward to cover your nose, gently inhaling.

Then with the finger tips gently apply pressure to the sinus area, finishing off with a circular rub over the temples.

Bring your hands back into a prayer position. Fill your lungs with one more deep breath as you give thanks for all your blessings. 






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