Only a pleasure! When products are made from a place of love, passion, and authenticity, one can feel it. I am not one to rave about products - I have had problem skin since a teenager - and rather cynical about-face products - but is it possible to have fallen in love with the VitC Serum? I've seen such an improvement in my skin texture and scarring. 

And thank you for the (pimp package) sample of cleansing gel - you got me! I truly hope that everyone supports local businesses and we built our economy from the inside out.

All the best to you and yours. Stay safe and somewhat sane. 






Hi there. I just want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to your team, for donating to Madwaleni Hospital. I am the mom, of Jess, the doctor who you made contact with. I am absolutely blown away by your kindness. I am going to forward your latest email, with the insert about Madwaleni, to all my friends. And I will tell them the story about how Africology picked up that an order was from a Hospital..and jumped straight in, to help. You probably aren’t aware of what your donation means to the Madwaleni staff... it is a tiny, rural hospital, and they get absolutely no outside support from a city, as they are so remote. They are very isolated...and have no town near them. Medics drive 2 hrs to do shopping, once every 4-6 weeks. No coffee shops, restaurants, movies, etc. so your donation means SOOOO much to them. They are so excited! So as a mom, I just need to say thank you for treating my daughter, and other medical staff... I will always remember your gesture as a highlight of 2020. xx



 I have hand and foot syndrome from breast cancer. Peeling blistering dry cracked sore hands and feet.
I was given a pot of this vaseline like a balm with strong neroli scent. It has changed my life. It is miraculous.




Firstly let me start by saying this is the most amazing product I have ever used and the only one that truly works. I first discovered Africology whilst on a trip to South Africa in 2016 and after having a facial I was blown away, I could see the difference. I started with the basics, purchasing the purifying cleansing gel and SPF 15 moisturizer and have built up my kit from there.

I had spent so many years making trips to the doctors about my horrible and uncontrollable skin. I tried nearly every brand on the market, Liz Earle, Dior, Clarions, Decor just to name a few and wasted a lot of money, most making my skin worse! I am so grateful to Africology and I now recommend this to everyone. I am a true advocate for this brand.

Thank You



I started using Africology’s body balm on my newborn twins 8 years ago and cured their eczema and now my baby number 4 is still using it!”




 A summary of how I came to Africology it might be of interest to a lot of women who suffer from skin problems like Rosacea and get them to try it. I have over the years tried to get people I know to try it but it was having to buy it from SA that put them off. I literally can’t use anything but Africology I have tried so many creams over the years and they just made my face worse. I used to go to Harrods and get my hair done and I even tried to get them to try it but it’s not YSL or and of the other named products that make it worse.”




 Good day,

This is a token of Gratitude, I sent you before pictures of my psoriasis and after pictures. I can’t believe the change after 10 days. I needed to show you how good your products are. After spending plenty of money and effort for years. I have now found a product that works. Ten Days and it worked.” 

I love the purifying cleansing gel, it’s one of the only natural cleansers I’ve found that deeply cleans my skin without feeling harsh on sensitive skin. I also love the packaging and that Africology’s avoids plastic - both in its products and the courier packaging!



 The body balm the best for my psoriasis. Unbelievable the itching was gone and it repaired my skin. I am amassed how quick it healed. I tried everything. The body balm I personally recommend for psoriasis and eczema was hesitant when I bought it but I highly recommend it for the quickest healing balm ever.




“I am obsessed with Africology at the moment. Their skincare range is wonderful. Local, nature and cruelty-free and my skin feels amazing. I do tend to obsess hard and buy everything when I find a brand I like.”




When I read the ingredients for Vitamin skin booster serum as a nutritionist I was in awe at the combination. How Incredible to feed the skin with vital nutrients such as MSM Zinc and Frolic acid. I must say after the 3rd application I could already see more of a glow in my skin.

What an incredible combination of nutrients.
Thank you, Africology





Over the past years, I have had some problems with my skin. Working in the construction industry my skin is often exposed to dust and other particles that affect my skin. My skin would get ashy during the winter and excessively oily during the summer. Until a friend of mine recommended the Africology exfoliating cream and OMG it is a miracle.

I exfoliating every 3 weeks and apply the Africology moisturizer on a daily basis which contains SPF to protect my skin from all the site conditions. My skin is evenly moist all the time and also evened out my skin tone, the best part is that it starts working in as early as 3 weeks of constant application."



 Time with my cherub #itsagirlthing I have been using the Africology skincare range for almost two weeks now and it is amazing! I visited their brand new store at the club Pretoria and got to try out all their (all-natural) products!

The smell, oh my word!, It put me in a trans! Okay to start this is what I got and what I’m using at the moment on my face. The Purifying cleansing gel (twice a day), The Tonic anti-reactive Spray (twice a day), Exfoliating Cream (Twice a day ) & Clay Masque (Once a week)



I bought the Neroli Body Balm and love it. I used it until the jar was empty, unusual for me as I have a cupboard full of unfinished balms and creams.




Hello, Africology’s team,

I have used the Africology’s body soap and scrub and am impressed with the aroma of both. Furthermore, the items are as per described and reminds me of my stay in the Kenyan bush. Regards”





 Lovely quality product. So evocative of time spent in African safari lodges."



Africology products are simply amazing! They smell divine and tick the luxury aromatherapy box.

I started using your Africology’s skin conditioning body oil about 2 years ago - it is the only thing my skin doesn’t react to. Unfortunately, last time I was in London I went to your Covent Garden store and you hadn’t got any so I got the Rose facial oil instead, I like this but not as much as the body oil.







First encounter Africology’s products in the BUSH on safari- an amazing smell that has stayed with me! A current favourite is the cuticle oil- perfect!”






I love so much the smell of this product, I always bring it with me everywhere and I use it for nails, lips and all kind of dry skin areas. Thanks






I bought this for my boss for Christmas 2017, 18 months later it has only just run out.

What an amazing smell!! So many complimentary comments on it from her various friends. Will be buying it again.






Dear Africology,

From the first moment I smelt the Neroli Perfume, I was enchanted. I have been searching high and low for the perfect scent and here it is from Africology’s. It’s evocative of warm, balmy evenings and refreshing yet calms the senses all at the same time. This is my holy grail perfume and cannot live without it. To top it off the Neroli body balm comes with me everywhere - great for smoothing dry skin and perfect for travelling!







Love the candles.






Great product. I have thicker hair and the shampoo produces a rich lather, soaks in well and when rinsing out does not dry the scalp and leaves my head feeling nourished. Smells incredible from start to finish and the scent stays in for longer too! We love Africology’s and first discovered it years ago in a safari trip in South Africa and love the fact it’s in London now Thanks




Love the bath salts and to mention the body oil is my favourite.






I love the exfoliating cream and my husband loves the bread balm. He says it’s one of the best.”







My new favourite is the skin renewal body glow. Outstanding Products








I love also all your products, but the famous of all the products are the serums!!!!!








“ I love the Skin conditioning marula oil.








I absolutely love your decadent body butter and the energy charge essential oil!!!!! It works like an absolute bomb!!!!







I enjoy all skincare products. I love the relaxing body oil and intense hydration night treatment that eases away stress and anxiety restores a deep-seated sense of wellbeing and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated.”




My new favourite is the skin renewal body glow. Outstanding Products







The body balm is divine. So hydrating for winter. Love the candles too.







I love the exfoliating cream and my husband loves the bread balm. He says it’s one of the best.”









Hi Team

I first used Africology’s products in Marrakesh while on holiday and loved them. I recently purchased a few online from your shop, neroli diffuser that smells amazing, a body washes and moisturizer. I still love the product.
Many Thanks







The skincare range is my absolute favourite. Fresh and you feel so renewed, every step you take the smell continues.”







I love the exfoliating cream and my husband loves the bread balm. He says it’s one of the best.”





Africology skincare and spa I used to love using your hand wash and hand cream at the Mount Nelson Hotel. That started my love affair with all your products.

(The serum and shimmer cream are amazing) but my ABSOLUTE favourite Africology product is the coconut-pineapple balm I feel the kiss of summer when I wear it!



First encounter Africology’s products in the BUSH on safari- an amazing smell that has stayed with me! A current favourite is the cuticle oil- perfect!”





I got the body lotion as a gift and I’m hooked on it. I suffer from Dry Dehydrated skin and my skin has never felt this good during wintertime. What I love about your products AFRICOLOGY skin and spa it is vegan. Safe to use on sensitive skin.





Have worked with, used and love all the products! Compliments most products houses and I can’t live without the absolute rose tonic and hydrating oil. Waterfront team is the best.”






The body balm the best for my psoriasis. Unbelievable the itching was gone and it repaired my skin.

I am amassed how quick it healed. I tried everything. The body balm I recommend for psoriasis and eczema was hesitant when I bought it but I highly recommend it for the quickest healing balm ever.





I love and have tried many of your products, the hand wash and body cream are a definite and great treat for guests in the WC, but best of all the body balm, in the neroli range is top!!!! Can not go to bed without massaging my neck and temples with it, soothing and the scent ensures a heavenly restful sleep! Sale time to stock up on gifts too!








Hand wash, hand wash and massage oils! Kimakoya!







I tried Africology’s products when I visited South Africa and they are just wonderful. The products epitomize the smells of South Africa and whenever I use I am instantly transported back to the amazing trip.

The products themselves smell amazing and are of high quality. I particularly like the shower gel and room mists. They would make a wonderful present or treat for yourself.

It is incredible to know that lodges in South so graciously treat the guest with the best room amenities. Africology’s was indeed a special addition to the room experience.






We became familiar with Africology’s while living in Johannesburg, and were frequent customers of your shop in Park town North. Your shop in Covent Garden is lovely, however, it doesn’t flow as well as your JHB store, which feels more open and premium. I think it’s likely because the downstairs space in London is quite small. However - the majority will have not seen the JHB store; so likely less of a concern.

They are always polite, knowledge and incredibly helpful, but it’s important they can spot when customers just want to browse. We are frequent purchases of your diffusers but also shower wash products. We think they are all great. The diffusers, in particular, have a very long shelf life.

While note the cheapest out there, they do last and the scents are unique, so we believe well worth the money. Your packaging and style are also unique and beautiful.

I hope that is helpful. We certainly do spread the word!“






We first discovered this product on a trip to South Africa when we went on safari. Our bush lodge used the products and we were hooked.

From the shower wash to the body cream, the experience is a real treat not to mention the aroma filling the house with memories of Africa. It’s a must-have to fill the gaps in between trips.








The hand and body lotion is my favourite. It reminds me of Kruger as that’s whereby first tried it. Now every time I miss the bush and need my fix of wildlife I just put on some lotion on, close my eyes and dream of Africa.







I read about Africology’s products in a magazine and sent for the Shampoo. I have put it in my guest bathroom and had so many comments about how lovely it is. It’s thick and rich and has a beautiful fragrance. I also steal it to use myself!

I’d love to try out more of your products to see if they are as brilliant!

Aging is a fact of life, but looking your age is not. Using Africology is an investment in good skin care products and the result is… a beautiful skin. I am definitely an Africology addict.

You surprised me so much 🎁 That isn’t a little bit of Bath Salts that I received as extra gift today, but the full package! All products have just been delivered completely in order at my home in a small village in The Netherlands, within 7 working days only by DHL, all the way from Randburg, it’s really amazing!

THANK YOU so much, this is a very pleasant surprise in this difficult time. Will be the same for you in RSA. Take care! 

-Maud van Etten