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Winter Skin & Your Immune System


Combating the damaging effects of winter on your skin and immune system.


We have taken notes from our spa protocols to help you do more home facial treatments. Lymphatic draining has always been a firm favourite for spa-goers'. And rightfully so, as lymph is the fluid made up of infection fighting white blood cells. This flows through the lympathic system and is responsible for transporting fluid and carrying out toxicity

The build up of these fluids when not moved, can create swelling and even make you more prone to viral attacks. This is because the body relies on fresh white blood cells which are delivered through the Lymphatic system to fight off infection. A regular self lymph draining facial massage , can improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Boost Immunity and calming the sympathetic nervous system. We all need that skin that not only looks relaxed but feels relaxed. A beautiful way to reduce inflammation and bring skin radiance back to balance.


Nourishing as it is calming; our Renewing Serum also helps to reduce static electricity in the skin and reduce redness. Divinely fragranced with Chamomile flowers. Please be mindful of overloading your body and the environment with toxins. We are building up a list of No No’s to help you choose wisely what goes in and onto your body.



It is always kind to share, as all our products are formulated with the wisdom of our founder being a holistic healer; her Reiki principles are embodied in all the products we produce. As she says "Harm None Serve All". Beauty without cruelty is indeed at the core of our being. Stay subscribed as next we will look at how to do "Skin Rituals", "self tapping" and the value in following the moons phases in working with your hormonal system. Stay healthy and remember to treat your body first with good food, then supplement with the powerful force of 5 = Vitamin D | Zinc| Magnesium | Vitamin C & pure oxygen supplementation.

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