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Spirit, Nature & Our Bodies: The Healing Process

In his book The Healing process: Spirit, Nature & our Bodies, Rudolf Steiner emphasizes the need to understand the human being as composed of three superimposed and diverse systems: the sensory nervous system; the rhythmic (respiratory and circulatory) system; and the metabolic and limb system. The human spirit is ultimately the greatest healer. He also describes the relationship between "natural" and "disease" processes as well as the dual nature of the human nervous system. We are shown that the heart is not a "pump" and that its motion is the consequence rather than the cause of human rhythms.

On the basis of this and much more, Steiner points to a practice of medicine that extends diagnosis and healing to include our soul and spirit.

There is so much to learn from Rudolf Steiner, with breast cancer awareness, there is much awareness for us all. Let’s ponder, meditate and be more aware of the issues which make us feel vulnerable.


Symbolically, breasts are nurturing symbols of our ability to feed our babies and to give pleasure in love. But as natural caregivers, women often neglect to give to themselves. The more we shower others with nurturing care, the less we tend to our own needs. In the process, we deplete our inner resources and disrupt our natural flow of vital energies. When this wellspring of energy dries up, emotional withdrawal follows. In this lonely inner world, we end up drowning in a vast emotional sea of disconnect. When we dwell on our dark side and hide our light in the shadows, it ends up controlling and ruling us – both personally and collectively.

Energy healers are well aware of the role genetics plays in cancer, but our inner emotional worlds also have a huge impact on our ability to heal – or to hold onto self-defeating pain, patterns and sadness.

As Marianne Williamson so eloquently said: “Your playing small does not serve the world.” It is the light within you that can make a difference. Choice is our biggest gift and with it, comes responsibility. It is as important to choose wisely, not only for what will serve your purpose but also being authentically empowered to choose wisely what to use on your skin.

To be authentically empowered, we need to tap into wisdom. Being able to discern on an intuitive level with what works, and what doesn’t. In this context, choice becomes a precious gift.

At Africology, we are deeply committed to sourcing the purest ingredients that won’t harm, because everything that is used on the skin eventually trickles down to your liver and other parts of your body’s ecology.

We are deeply motivated to continuously research ingredients that are kind to your biology. We also know that food plays an intrinsic role in optimum health. Folic acid, Vitamin D and high dosages of Vitamin C are excellent companions to a healing skincare routine.

Eating well and feeding your biology from the inside with good nutritious food, is such a powerful way to enhance your selfcare journey. Ultimately, learning to acknowledge who you truly are, making friends with the light and the darkness within you, are the most powerful and meaningful stepping stones to balance the divine inner Goddess that resides within your higher self.

Living a life of gratitude and giving thanks to those in your circle of influence that are able to bring awareness instead of judgment is so important.

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