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Allergies & The Unconscious Mind Awareness inspires true healing


Spring is typically a time of renewal, filled with fresh hope and happiness and awaking our senses with beautiful buds and sweet floral scents. But as I know all too well, it also comes with teary, itchy eyes and all kinds of allergies. Over the years, I had to learn how to manage and master my spring sensitivities, yet I cannot help but wonder why our bodies react so strongly to such beautiful splendour.

It’s such a blessing to witness new life blossoming everywhere and be transported by the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine flowers filling the evening air, which makes it so ironic that my eyes and nose resist this natural display of growth & goodness.

Looking at lovely yesterday-today-and-tomorrow plants that just burst into bloom, I realised that yesterday most certainly impacts today. This beautiful shrub’s name refers to the colours of its flowers – which open purple, fade to lavender, and then turn to white. There’s a beautiful symbolism hidden in its unfolding, as little purple flowers represent the Crown Chakra and white ones denote divinity.

So I gently tapped into my soul space and asked our Creator to provide me with guidance. I’m always reminded that I long to listen to my body, and as a healer, I’m all too aware that our bodies are blueprints – they provide us with everything we need to know to heal and be whole.

Many years ago, I read a book titled "The Inner Eye: Social Intelligence in Evolution" by Nicholas Humphrey. What I remember vividly was a chapter dealing with hay fever and how it relates to an unconscious fear. It also mentioned cat allergies. Cats represent your own inner power, but this can be experienced negatively when it’s trapped in an old fearful experience, or when you lacked being taken care of, and the body expresses it with a reaction.

This resonated profoundly with me, as I was incredibly allergic to cats back then. To cut a long story short, I have managed to master my hay fever. A cat appeared in my life, almost as if by miracle, and he turned out to be the most divine and spiritual animal one could ever ask for. It’s made me realise that on a metaphysical level, there’s such value in observing the relationship between longstanding fears and the ways our bodies express them.

And this springtime reminded me yet again how reactions in the body are triggered on a deeper level…

With all the itching, tears and allergies, I reached for my neti pot*, as I desperately wanted to wash out my nasal passages. Wow, what an experience! My sinuses were completely blocked – the water couldn’t even flow. I started feeling a bit panicky at one stage, it burned so much that my eyes felt as if they were exploding, and I was overcome by a ‘drowning’ feeling.

And right there, at that moment, an incredibly poignant memory came back, taking me right back to the time when I was 6 years old and experienced a near-drowning incident.

Reminding myself that drowning happens in the lungs, not in the nose, I was able to move through the moment and turn it into a healing sensation that bridged the past and the present. And as I reframed that old memory, my body had the opportunity to reprogramme itself. Instead of reliving the fear and panic I experienced at the age of 6, I calmed my adult self and embraced a feeling of trust – safe in the knowledge that this was indeed a healing moment.

Less than two hours later, my eyes stopped itching and I breathed easily again. It was such a profound reminder that we have so many unconscious memories stored in our cells that need healing.

Right now, amid all the fear and uncertainty brought on by C-19, it’s only natural that our deepest memories and fears are being stirred and recalled. I’m quite sure that the pandemic made the little girl in me feel out of control, and that it evoked many old anxieties.

But how do we step out of old memories into a new space where we’re free from fears that took hold of our hearts? I believe that to truly heal from the wounds of the past, we need to learn how to stay present in the moment. Today is a gift and your awareness will manifest the tomorrow you so desperately yearn for.

I love how this deep-seated awareness is mirrored in the way your skin communicates with you. Years ago, my work in skin analysis showed me how our skins reveal so much about our physical and emotional health – and that it’s such a powerful conduit to help us heal. Awareness is the first step to rebalancing, and a powerful way to calmly reclaim your ability to tap into your inner voice.

My work in natural health and skincare has shown me time and again how calming the heart and mind positively influences your entire being. I’ve also learnt that aromatherapy oils are incredibly effective to help treat emotional states, which is why all of our skincare products are blended with pure essential oils.



I’m always in awe of how the skin can restore itself when it’s cared for with awareness and love. With the right mindset and products, you are able to reset and restore it to its most beautiful and glowing state.

This week, I’d love to share with you how you can treat an acne-prone and/or oily skin and benefit from a skincare ritual that heals and nourishes. Remember to add positive affirmations to your ritual – connecting with your divine self is the key that unlocks healing and balance.

When you have a moment, I encourage you to look at these enlightening links. They provide much insight and wisdom, and will empower you to take better care of yourself. Healing is an ongoing journey, and we’re all responsible for our own path to wellness. The choice to be on this journey is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


Africology Cleansing Gel

Affirmation: I am at peace and I let go of all that isn’t serving me.



Africology Tonic Anti-Reactive

Affirmation: I forgive myself for allowing anyone to judge me. I don’t have to react or get angry about people’s opinions about me. I hold the power to change my own mind and perceptions – and I love and approve of myself.



Africology Balancing Serum and Aloe Ferox Serum

Affirmation: Although I hold the power within me to feel the pain, I don’t have to become the pain. This awareness means that I can give my body permission to reset and renew.



Africology Moisturiser SPF15

Affirmation: My vulnerability is my strength. I love all that I am. I’m authentically empowered to set boundaries that will serve my self-care journey.




Neti pots – a natural treatment to breathe easier

* If, like me, you suffer from allergies, I couldn’t recommend a neti pot highly enough. It’s such a safe and natural way to bring relief – and a much kinder option for your body than overloading your system with chemicals. The pots are designed to rinse debris or mucus from nasal cavities with a saltwater solution, and treat symptoms like nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. If you make your own solution, it's best to use distilled or sterilised water.

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