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The Sacred Shapes & Frequencies Mirroring Our Humanity


Throughout my journey in holistic wellness and healing, I’ve always been closely aligned to the natural world. By being attuned to the rhythms, patterns, frequencies and cycles of nature, I’ve learnt how they can reflect – and support – true wellness in the body – and it’s inspired my lifelong quest to unravel the intricate and precious relationship we have with all life on Earth. Over the years, the teachings of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner have resonated with me profoundly. His work and writings about bio-identical therapies are incredibly transformative, and his nine bee lectures radiate with wisdom about the innate intelligence contained in beehives, and how they relate to human experiences like health. For example, he compares beeswax to the materials contained in our bodies, worker bees in a hive to the blood coursing through our veins, and the hexagonal shapes of a honeycomb to our cells. Noting structures of living organisms mirrored throughout the natural world, he found reminders of our relationship to the Earth in beeswax.

A poetic connection with our spiritual nature



Sharing his fascination, the inner workings of a beehive enchant and inspire me. Every cell in a honeycomb is a hexagon – which is the perfect shape that holds together in strength and efficiency. There’s no waste in a system of cells that fit together at perfect angles. This is ideal for honeybees, as they have to consume eight ounces of honey to create just one ounce of wax. Each playing their part in the blueprint of geometric repetition, worker bees create sanctuaries of hexagons in tandem, following the inherent plan meticulously. Watching a bee creating these shapes and seeing how her body warms the cells is a meditation in itself. It reminds me of the work involved in living an authentic life: she puts her heart and soul into her work, as she contributes to the cosmic circle of life.



To discover more about honeybees and the shapes that connect them to our world, Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice by Robert Lawlor is the most illuminating read. As one of the most important symbols of prosperity since ancient times, bees have always had great spiritual significance. Representing wisdom and immortality, they are considered to be incredibly auspicious all over the world. Whenever I use a spoonful of honey for a sore throat, I always close my eyes in gratitude. It’s almost unfathomable that one honeybee can only collect about a 12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, and that 600 bees have to visit about 2 million flowers (and fly 55,000 miles) to collect nectar for a litre of honey. This makes it even more alarming that unethical practices and abuse threaten their future.

The star inside each hexagon forms a poetic connection between honeybees and the spiritual layers of our human world. The hexagram (six-pointed star) is associated with the Heart Chakra, and it’s also known as the Star of David. During my early years of awakening, many of my dreams were filled with teachings. In one of them, I was presented with the Star of David – and had to find its spiritual meaning. I’ll write more about that in future, but for now, it was a beautiful reminder of this pattern in nature, which is consistently repeated through time, space and meaning.


A conscious & ethical choice

With my consciousness firmly anchored in the principles and practice of energy healing, it’s always been my intention to do good. Years of research and self-study – and a thirst for knowledge about balancing the body to open the pathways to abundant health – are at the heart of Africology’s approach. 

It’s an approach that’s entrenched in our personal values and vision and as a family, we are committed to contributing meaningfully to the health and vitality of your skin, while taking your complete wellbeing – as well as that of the planet – into account. This means every product is mindfully formulated and made in small batches; our intention is never compromised or lost in mass production. 

Although I personally love using honey and beeswax in my healing practices and blends – and have witnessed their powerful effects in treating various skin ailments over the years – my heart is committed to safeguarding the future of honeybees. Ethical bee farmers are in short supply and very few farm in spaces where the divinity of bees is respected. We’ve therefore decided to cut our use of beeswax with 99%.

Only two of Africology’s products still contain beeswax, and both are touted for their immense therapeutic effects to treat severe skin conditions: Our African Potato Body Wrap was the first product I ever created by divine guidance – before any other cosmetic house even knew about the benefits of the African potato! It contains honey and beeswax, which work in a wonderful synergy with the African potato and rooibos tea.

Our Geranium Body Balm has also been incredibly beneficial to those who sufferers from eczema – including children and babies.

While we’re not changing these formulations, we do so with complete consciousness and awareness of all ethical considerations. Africology continuously looks to partner with farmers who are likeminded and share our heartfelt intention to protect honeybees. Ethical suppliers usually farm on a small scale. Honey is a bee’s energy source – without it, they starve. Unethical beekeepers harvest the maximum amount of honey from hives, and then replace it with a sugar substitute, which is terribly degrading for the health of bees.

Furthermore, when honeybees can’t fly freely, selective breeding narrows the population gene pool and increases susceptibility to diseases and large-scale die-offs. Importing different bee species for use in local hives also leads to diseases. These diseases then spread to the thousands of other pollinators humans and animals rely on.

Heartbreakingly, the wings of queen bees are also often clipped to prevent them from leaving the hive. For me, one of the most beautiful things about queen bees is how their wings tap into sacred frequency – which weaves into the narrative of sacred geometry. By clipping their wings, the sacred use of honey is tainted and its frequency and essence changes to abuse.

All these practices threaten bees, their future, their health and honey’s ability to be the sacred medicine nature intended it to be. Through cruelty and exploitation, mankind is harming the gifts our Creator bestowed on us for our wellbeing.

Africology is committed to ethical procurement and we never purchase any animal ingredients or test products on animals. Not only are we cruelty-free, but also we’re also aware of harmful chemical ingredients that are tested on animals. Our position is clear: why use these when nature has better options?

Critical aspects we consider during procurement revolve around ethical production processes, intention, value systems and ethics. I truly believe that through consciousness, we can eliminate exploitation and the abuse of human and animal wellbeing, and protect our precious Earth.

Aware, awakened and aligned with the beauty around you

And at the heart it, consciousness involves the ability to retrieve a childlike wonder and looking at the world around us with kindness and hopeful eyes. To marvel at the rhythms, patterns, Aware, awakened and aligned with the beauty around you frequencies and cycles of nature and recognise our own existence mirrored in the mesmerising daily life of a honeybee.

"The honeybee sings while she works and we hear her spirit song. Her hum is spun into the fiber of summer so that we associate this vibrational sound with brilliant rays of sunlight that make us stop and close our eyes and feel the sun on our faces. It is no wonder the wildflowers turn their faces toward the sun and are graced by the light healing touch of the gentle honey bee." – SHELLEY GIORDANO

To be enchanted even more by bees, visit More Than Honey – it’s a wonderful resource featuring lovely material.

PS Remember to leave a window open so that a bee can fly out again after showering you with good fortune. If you try to force it out, your luck will vanish.

Africology Founder & CEO
Renchia Droganis

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