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Gratitude – the key to manifesting life’s fullness


As we celebrate Women’s Month and with the sun in the playful sign of Leo, August is the perfect time to symbolically embrace our authentic power, shine a light on our full potential, and remind ourselves how transformative gratitude can be in our lives. Awareness opens the door to a grateful heart – which ultimately grounds us in each moment, invites lasting happiness within, and gives a voice to our intuition as it guides us forward on our path.

On my own journey to manifest my heart’s true calling, I’ve had to face many fears, but deep within my soul, my intuition was the lighthouse that kept me steady and strong, continuously reminding me that playing small won’t serve me or my children. 

Practicing emotional fitness has become a daily ritual for me and this includes mastering my inadequacies and limitations. By turning the things that threaten my daily existence into teachers, I’ve been able to make them my most valuable gifts and learnt how to unlock the secrets to personal achievement. 



Meditation has become my portal to safety, and it empowers me to stay calmly aligned with my higher self. In moments of stillness, it becomes possible to truly listen to one’s intuition, shutting out any critical thoughts. During challenging times, these powerful words by the author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson are mantras that help me return to a place of clarity and courage: 

Gratitude can carry us through life’s most debilitating and trying moments and it’s such a comfort to know that the more attention we pay to being grateful, instead of living in fear, the better we can face challenges and rise above distress – staying calm, centred and focussed on the future instead. 

The goddess residing in each of us is such a powerful alchemist and when we open our minds to the possibilities of what can be, we allow success to manifest. Clearing the path of obstruction first, we pave the way for this flow by doing away with the past and things that didn’t serve us – safe in the knowledge that our higher selves call us to rather hold space in our dreams for what can be.

I truly believe that just like an alchemist, you have the power and wisdom to transform
pain, resentment, fear and anger into joy, abundance and forgiveness. When we return to love, the Universe listens to our heart’s calling. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but even the bad in life serves a soul purpose; so bless each lesson and let go of the pain it may have caused. The key is to never allow the past to consume your future. By creating a daily ritual and pausing for a few moments to give thanks for what you have, you open up the portals to life’s blessings even more – becoming truly mindful of the abundance that surrounds you. 

Meditation bridges the divide between yesterday and tomorrow and delivers the profound realisation that the present moment is all that we have. When we’re able to just be in the ‘now’, happiness manifests authentically within us.

True wisdom is acknowledging that we can learn from the bad things that happen to us, and grow from the lessons they teach us. And that’s the gift of gratitude – and how it continuously impacts our lives.


It’s a tool to help you keep track of the good things in your life. Because no matter how difficult things get, or how defeated you may feel, there’s always something to be grateful for. Regularly journaling about positive things also prepares and strengthens you to deal with rough patches when they come up.

Let your thoughts flow freely and write down the things you’re grateful for every day. You may even choose to create a sacred ritual by lighting a candle, clearing the air with one of our Aromatherapy Sprays, and deeply inhaling its soothing essential oils. Ground yourself in the moment and remember that whatever is on your mind will eventually manifest. Be mindful of what you allow into your thoughts and only feel and visualise what will serve you. 

This Women’s Day, list 30 things you are grateful for…. 

Your Gratitude Journal is for your eyes only, so write anything you feel, not worrying about being judged by others. When you live your life in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe, you become the master of your life. 

You can journal about both positive and negative events, but always return to the good that may come from any experience. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with writing down negative things that happened, or putting challenges that you face into words – it’s important to acknowledge the bad things in life as well as the good. Your gift to yourself is to learn how to detach, and not give your power away to things that don’t serve your highest good. 


As always, we are grateful for you and your loyal support, and feel blessed that you are part of our healing journey. It’s such a privilege to be trusted for our divine guidance as we remain focussed on formulating products with pure & natural ingredients that are kind to you – and to the Earth. 

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