The Essence of Africology

Africology: the study of Africa. A place where we strive for wholeness, acceptance, integrity and truth.

An elevated natural experience, Africology understands the human desire to be whole and complete. Our approach is holistic, for we know that inner beauty transcends skincare. The South African Truth and Reconciliation process has taught us that self-care is an experience that nurtures the mind and body, and elevates the spirit to authentic values. We continue to be activists, seeking the truth and ensuring authenticity and integrity in our industry. This is our gift to you.  

We know that when we activate the olfactory system, we induce positive emotions. Our intention is to nurture the mind, empower the spirit and create a sense of happiness. We know that, no matter where in the world you are, there is a little Africa within you. It is that place in your soul that yearns for nurturing, self-acceptance, love and healing.  

We are committed to blending pure, natural ingredients with love and divine intention. To harm none by being conscious of our planet and all who inhabit it. Our formulations are enhanced with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are bio-identical to your biology. Always evolving, we know that nothing is constant. And so, wherever we find new or better ingredients, we will evolve our formulations to ensure that we deliver on our promises. 

Mandela Quote

It is our mission for an Africologist to remember their worth and the value we all contribute towards creating a beautiful world. Remember that you are worthy of being nourished with purity, rather than false promises. 

Madiba’s journey teaches us that history holds no power over us if we have the ability to envision and manifest a beautiful new reality. We visualise beautiful experiences that will uplift the mind and restore its inherent divinity. We do the right thing always; even when it is hard, uncomfortable or inconvenient. It is about more than making money. Money comes, and it goes, but integrity remains.

Our authenticity lies in our devotion to deliver what is real.  We don’t use logos to validate our reason for being, nor to create an unearned sale. We stand in our space of integrity, and know the value in delivering an authentic beauty product that doesn’t need the approval of gatekeepers. 

We make it our mission to educate consumers in understanding ingredients, and the truth behind them. Africa teaches us to be empowered individuals, and that is our legacy.  

We serve graciously, with an intention for all to exist for their own good.  We know that we, as a skincare brand, play a small part in something bigger for humanity. We put our heart into our creations, and believe that when our products touch your skin, you will know our love and intention.