Siddhartha ~ Africology Soil

Many years ago I had a vision: I could see a space so divine, so peaceful, a space that would become a spiritual retreat.  In what seems to be a miracle, the Universe presented what I thought was just a little piece of ground I could build a holiday cottage on. But once we started to clear the invasive plants, I realized that my small piece of ground was actually 9 hectares of land (at the time of purchasing it, 9 hectares was not the actual size presented!)

Over the years, this space became my own spiritual retreat, a place of silence where I could empty my mind and listen to my Creator once again, ready to face the world with an illuminated mind.

As the Creator often has a better plan for us, I knew somehow that it would be an inspiration to work with the essences of fragrant plants. As I allow myself to be intuitively guided, I feel blessed when what I need is presented to me. In my stillness, I allow a greater power to guide me. This I know for sure, as proven by our beloved African potato growing freely in our soil. With no propagation ever, it appeared almost by divine grace. There are many magical moments, when I can smell a fragrance so heavenly that I know I must try my best to capture and share it. Much of our plant matter today is now supplied by Africology Soil.

I started to plant lavender in the hope that we would eventually have the means to set up an oil distillery.  Witnessing the sight of lavender in bloom and smelling the evening air filled with its magical fragrance motivated me to plant roses for perfume making.

Slowly but surely, the Universe has directed my energy into the development of fragrances.  The spiritual retreat I once imagined is in now development, and I know that it will be completed soon.  Perhaps the essential oils distilled on the property will be a vital meditation aid when retreating into deep meditation to converse with our Creator.



We are bursting with joy as we announce the official launch of our Nourish project – an initiative that took root in our hearts and minds and has grown into a reality that aligned beautifully with our beliefs and values this past Earth Day.

Set on an enchanting stretch of land just outside Hoedspruit in Limpopo, the soil at Nourish will soon be ready to be planted. After purchasing the necessary water tanks and doing the groundwork needed, we are now ready for the next step – to see our vision come to life, and fulfil our dream to:

  • Produce an abundance of wholesome, nurturing food with which to feed about 300 children that will benefit from the initial stages of this project. From spinach to carrots, beans and cabbage – it’ll all be sustainably farmed and filled to the brim with goodness.
  • Supply Africology with the highest quality, sustainably farmed African Potato and lavender for its formulations.

In time, we envision growing this initiative even further by opening a Nourish restaurant on-site, which will spill onto these verdant gardens and allow guests the opportunity to roam in peace, connect with nature, meditate and even join yoga sessions.

This vivid intention – a garden bursting with greenery and grace, fringed on all four corners with crystals in a beautiful energy grid – will be a tangible extension of everything we stand for and believe: respect for the Earth and soil; intuitive healing; authentic values; and a newfound hope for a healthier, more wholesome future.

Join our journey and follow the growth of this project as it unfolds through regular updates on our website where you can also make a contribution towards seeds for the food project. We are so looking forward to this new endeavour and celebrate the chance to be of service and make a real difference.

With love and abundance,
Renchia Droganis, CEO and Founder, Africology