Our story is one of devotion and passion. It is due to this passion that Renchia has often been considered a botanical alchemist, her soul devoted to kindness and serving with consciousness.

We had humble beginnings, a beginning that was forged when experience met vision and initiative was taken.

Our CEO, Renchia Droganis, is an experienced metaphysical and reiki counsellor. She has worked with many victims of South Africa’s difficult past, using her experience as a massage therapist and aromatherapist to heal their pain through therapy and self-empowerment exercises. Renchia had a vision to create something that would help people without harming, something that was kind and holistic to the earth, something that was free from deceit. This 'something' was Africology.

Since early 2000, Africology began operating from a small kitchen in Johannesburg, with the Droganis family working together to create products. Renchia’s very first clients were The Mount Grace spa, The Gary Player health spa, Elisabeth Brand and Fordoun. She then continued to apply her creativity to new ranges, and developed an amenity lifestyle range for The Grand hotel in Plettenberg bay and a body line for Elliot Ndlovu.

Africology has grown to feature in some of the best hotels and spas in the world. Our success has grown well beyond South Africa’s borders and the brand is now available across the globe.

There is a scent distinct to Africology, one that has its roots tracing back to the days when Renchia used to do healing work in her studio. It is often instantly recognized by people when near an Africology spa or store. Many have tried to copy it, yet the spirit of her soul is embedded in that scent, and imitators can never replicate the magic of her intentions. Together with with her son Christos, she continues to create exquisite fragrance blends for private labels and hotels.

Today, all four of her children have a part to play in the business.  Collectively, they are inspired to formulate luxurious, natural and eco-friendly products, fragranced with only pure essential oils.

Her kitchen that was once used to manufacture her products has now evolved into her very own manufacturing facility.