Autumn Cleansing Rituals

Skin Hydrating Oil

R 255.00R 549.00

Nature's Stem Cell 25ml

R 450.00 R 285.00

Lavender Soap 100gr (Hand Crafted)

R 60.00

Heart Soap 60g (Hand Crafted)

R 99.00 R 49.50

Lemongrass Soap 100gr (Hand Crafted)

R 120.00 R 60.00

Body Wash

R 53.40R 239.00

Body Lotion

R 90.00R 299.00

Purifying Hand Wash

R 210.00R 239.00

Body & Bath Soak

R 37.50R 184.50


R 32.50R 142.50


R 37.50R 147.50

Body Scrub

R 42.50R 290.00

Bath Salts

R 32.50R 170.00

Body Butter

R 52.50R 258.30

Skin Conditioning Marula Oil

R 420.00 R 294.00

Body Butter 200ml & Conditioning Marula Oil 50ml Bundle

R 789.00 R 469.00

SPF 30 & After Sun Bundle

R 474.00 R 285.00

Alchemy Perfume 50ml

R 995.00 R 597.00

Grounding Aromatherapy Room Spray

R 279.30

Alchemy Diffuser

R 434.00R 588.00

Gardenia Room Diffuser

R 434.00R 588.00

Rose Candle

R 385.00

Alchemy Candle

R 550.00 R 385.00

Sleep Gel

R 154.00



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