Love Rituals - Valentines Pack

R 1,111.00

A love Ritual toolkit comprising of essential elements to evoke a sense of love and sharing of sacred intention. The perfect gift for Valentines day, either to share with your loved one or to honour yourself.

Box Size = 29cm*23cm*8.5cm

Heart Chakra Candle (Click for more info)

Aura Spray; Harmony & Peace  (Click for more info)

Devotion Oil (Click for more info)

Step 1
Harmony and Peace Spray – Clarity
Make the most of this meaningful ritual by first clearing your auric space of lingering turmoil from the past. By cleansing it of any forms of hurt, sadness & upset you may have been holding onto, you’ll be able to awaken inner peace and become more aware of the good in your life.

Step 2
Heart Chakra Candle – Gratitude
Entering sacred stillness, allow you & your loved one to access a deep-seated sense of gratitude within your souls as you light your candle. Gratitude alchemises the most wonderful healing energy, attracting and holding space for all that is divine. Let the light of the candle activate and reflect the essence of pure love within you.

Step 3
Devotion Oil – Connectedness & Touch
Whether you enable this transformative experience to unfold through self-massage to connect with your highest self, or by massaging a loved one, the power of touch is a profound reminder of what connects us all: the all-encompassing need for Love. Apply a few drops of oil to the palms of your hands and gently massage the heart and neck area to let love’s energy flow freely.


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