Africology Skincare Collection

Hydrating Cleansing Lotion

R 160.00R 469.00

Purifying Cleansing Gel

R 120.00R 349.00

Exfoliating Cream

R 99.00R 395.00

Clay Masque

R 119.00R 399.00

Anti-Oxidant Masque

R 129.00R 499.00

Tonic Anti-Reactive

R 120.00R 420.00

Rose Absolute Tonic

R 140.00R 495.00

Anti-Oxidant Serum

R 625.00R 879.00

Balancing Serum

R 450.00R 634.00

Vitamin Skin Boost Serum

R 490.00R 696.00

Aloe Ferox Serum

R 450.00R 639.00

Skin Hydrating Oil

R 425.00R 549.00

Renewing Facial Therapy Serum

R 690.00R 990.00

Absolute Rose Serum

R 895.00R 1,220.00


R 160.00R 699.00



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