2022 Wellness Journey Sale

Hydrating Cleansing Lotion

R 160.00R 469.00

Purifying Cleansing Gel

R 150.00R 450.00

Tonic Anti-Reactive

R 115.50R 395.00

Rose Absolute Tonic

R 140.00R 495.00

Vitamin Skin Boost Serum

R 490.00R 696.00

Balancing Serum

R 450.00R 634.00

Nature's Stem Cell 25ml

R 270.00

Clay Masque

R 119.00R 380.00

Anti-Oxidant Masque

R 125.00R 495.00

Alchemy Diffuser

R 590.00R 795.00

Alchemy Perfume 50ml

R 995.00 R 995.00

Neroli Perfume 50ml

R 550.00

Sandalwood Perfume 50ml

R 895.00

Body Scrub

R 75.00R 580.00

Soap Bars

R 60.00R 80.00


R 300.00

Peppermint Foot Soak

R 335.00 R 335.00

Tissue Oil 50ml

R 190.00

Magnesium Bath Blend

R 39.75R 265.00

Sleep Gel

R 199.00

Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Room Spray

R 385.00 R 385.00

Cuticle Conditioning Oil

R 220.00

After Sun Soothing Gel

R 219.00

Detox Mud

R 49.00R 190.00

Coconut & Pineapple Body Balm

R 65.00R 175.00

Waterless Sanitiser

R 48.00R 1,920.00


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