• Natural Formulations in our Africology products

    Natural Formulations in our Africology products

    Nature possesses intelligence that can never be replicated by humans, ever-changing yet constant in its effects. The tomato that grew yesterday may not be the same colour and texture as the one of tomorrow, but the benefits of the tomato stay the same. In this modern age humans, with the help of laboratory science, can engineer colours, textures and aromas to create products that are called ‘nature-identical’.

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  • The Goddess Collection

    The Goddess Collection

    There has never been a greater need for self-care. When we are balanced within, we can meet any challenge the world has to offer. When it seems as though the world is consumed by despair, anger and pain, remember that within you is a powerful essence. Within you, there is the ability to manifest beauty and compassion in the world around you.

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  • Our Therapists - Tabitha Mahaka

    Our Therapists - Tabitha Mahaka

    At Africology, we are privileged to have talented healers as part of our family, and it is our joy to share their stories and insights with you. Tabitha works at The Africology at Maslow, and we asked her to share the story of her journey as a therapist. Her wonderful story is below.

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  • Africology Rose Tea

    Africology Rose Tea

    The most sacred scent has been married with the strength and healing properties of rooibos to create Africology Rose Tea. This caffeine-free tea is crafted by oxidising and fermenting fresh rooibos leaves, and scented with Moroccan rose.

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  • The Luxury Travel Guide Contemporary Spa of the Year South Africa

    The Luxury Travel Guide Contemporary Spa of the Year South Africa

    We are proud to announce that Africology has been recognized as Contemporary Spa Brand of the year 2017 in South Africa. The Luxury Spa & Wellness Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields. They pay tribute to and commend all those who have excelled in the industry.

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