• Our Sustainable Palm Oil

    Our Sustainable Palm Oil

    All Africology palm oil is sourced from sustainable and ethical resources under the auspices of RSPO and ISEAL. We use it in place of animal-derived fats to safely emulsify and thicken our soaps, both liquid and solid.

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  • Authentic Beauty

    The Courage To Be Wholly Yourself 

    Join our revolution as we empower women to make skincare and beauty choices that will support our biology. We have been proud industry activists since our inception in the early 2000s, advocating ethical and safe ingredient selections. We carefully research every ingredient we use, and avoid all harsh chemicals with clear links to cancer and disease. Each ingredient is tested for safety and efficacy on human volunteers, and we only use organically harvested and preserved ingredients. We constantly challenge other companies in the skincare, spa and beauty industry to do the same. If we wouldn’t put it in our bodies, we would never do the same to you.

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  • Reach for a Dream | Queen for a Day

    Africology is the proud contributor of Queen for a Day, and we are privileged to work with Reach for a Dream in making magical days like this possible. We love having the girls at our Maslow spa, and to see their bravery and joy. We are honoured to remind them that they are beautiful, and that no matter how their medication or illness changes them, they are all queens.

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  • Celebrate the return of beautiful Spring with our Eco-Parfum range

    Our sense of smell is the first we gain, and the last we lose. Through scent we recognise family, and through fragrance we are uplifted. Important moments are marked by scent – of a baby’s skin, of a beloved’s aftershave, of granny’s baking. It’s the warmth of a family dinner, the jacket of a father hanging in a cupboard. Smells have warned us, guided us and reminded us.

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  • Les Nouvelles Esthetique Spa Awards 2017 | Spa Visionary

    Spa Visionary Award is awarded to a pioneer within the Spa Industry. A person who whose ideas over the past year have lead to a change in the spa industry or spa industry thinking. The Spa Visionary Award for 2017 was awarded to Renchia Droganis – Africology. 

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