What a struggle it was over the last few years to export into Tanzania. From the TFDA guidelines and implementation cost to current changes.

Before I continue, do take note the TFDA guidelines are now only for pharmaceutical, and raw materials & not amenities and spa products.

Bureau Veritas was awarded the contract to ensure the products entering the country are safe and tested by their own laboratories.

This year we have done all our product testing with Bureau Veritas and obtained our Letter of Conformity: Route B Clearance.


It really means that we paid up all costs to do product testings and you save on all these yearly cost, AND no more stress in clearing the goods.

We have partnered with Longship Trading. Undoubtedly the most experienced and trustworthy logistics team to work with.

This means you can now place your order, we arrange for a pre- clearing inspection, and Longship ensures delivery to your door.

No more middleman - no more guessing how to import into Tanzania.

Our vision is a stress-free delivery system with the highest quality products that will make your procurement a hassle free experience.



1) E-mail us your order

2) we arrange for a pre clearance inspection

3) We send you the freight and clearing quotation

4) Longship collects and delivers to you door


Further to this, we have worked on a Preferred VIP client pricing structure. Should you sign a 3 year contract with Africology we are committed to offer you our award winning products at amazing discounted rates.

With our new registration and testing in place, we eliminate the middleman and finally have a door-to-door solution.