• Allergies & The Unconscious Mind Awareness inspires true healing

    Allergies & The Unconscious Mind Awareness inspires true healing

    Spring is typically a time of renewal, filled with fresh hope and happiness and awaking our senses with beautiful buds and sweet floral scents. But as I know all too well, it also comes with teary, itchy eyes and all kinds of allergies. Over the years, I had to learn how to manage and master my spring sensitivities, yet I cannot help but wonder why our bodies react so strongly to such beautiful splendour.

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  • Spirit, Nature & Our Bodies: The Healing Process

    Spirit, Nature & Our Bodies: The Healing Process

    In his book The Healing process: Spirit, Nature & our Bodies, Rudolf Steiner emphasizes the need to understand the human being as composed of three superimposed and diverse systems: the sensory nervous system; the rhythmic (respiratory and circulatory) system; and the metabolic and limb system.

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  • Conscious Skincare: Beauty at the cost of the Earth?

    Conscious Skincare: Beauty at the cost of the Earth?

    We support the care for the environment, thus we pledge that all Africology products are free from harmful microplastics. These tiny plastic particles are found in many beauty products. Once they enter the marine environment, they are almost impossible to remove as they are not biodegradable.

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  • Grounded in your body’s INNATE HEALING WISDOM

    Grounded in your body’s INNATE HEALING WISDOM

    Everything is energy – your thoughts, your body and every cell within you. Connecting that energy to a source of healing frees you to step into the life you’re meant to live.

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  • Alchemy


    Harnessing the fresh and revitalising fragrances emanating from some of our favorite flowers and spices, we’ve alchemized pure plant ingredients into a beautifully scented elixir that radiates the essence of light, grace and enduring warmth.

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  • This Black Friday, Africology Goes Green

    This Black Friday, Africology Goes Green

    Black Friday brings the opportunity to honour Earth’s delicate Green essence and celebrate all the abundance it manifests. We all have a collective responsibility to care for the Earth, as much as we do for our skin. Be part of positive change & join our Green Tribe. 

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  • The Sacred Shapes & Frequencies Mirroring Our Humanity

    The Sacred Shapes & Frequencies Mirroring Our Humanity

    Throughout my journey in holistic wellness and healing, I’ve always been closely aligned to the natural world. By being attuned to the rhythms, patterns, frequencies and cycles of nature, I’ve learnt how they can reflect – and support – true wellness in the body – and it’s inspired my lifelong quest to unravel the intricate and precious relationship we have with all life on Earth.

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  • Gratitude – the key to manifesting life’s fullness

    Gratitude – the key to manifesting life’s fullness

    As we celebrate Women’s Month and with the sun in the playful sign of Leo, August is the perfect time to symbolically embrace our authentic power, shine a light on our full potential, and remind ourselves how transformative gratitude can be in our lives.

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  • Winter Skin & Your Immune System

    Winter Skin & Your Immune System

    We have taken notes from our spa protocols to help you do more home facial treatments. Lymphatic draining has always been a firm favourite for spa-goers'. And rightfully so, as lymph is the fluid made up of infection fighting white blood cells. This flows through the lympathic system and is responsible for transporting fluid and carrying out toxicity

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    This award-winning serum is formulated with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, ensuring optimum benefits ranging from refining the skin to reducing the signs of ageing.

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  • Grounded in your truth

    Grounded in your truth

    Almost overnight, COVID-19 has caused collective feelings of fear and uncertainty to spread around the globe, affecting people in all corners of the earth. And as the situation unfolds, without any clear end in sight, we’ve all experienced some moments of panic and dread.

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  • Our community wellness mission

    Our community wellness mission

    Our community wellness mission

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  • The Beauty and Necessity in Caring For Ourselves and the Earth

    The Beauty and Necessity in Caring For Ourselves and the Earth

    It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the constant and frightening revelations of what is happening to our beautiful Earth. Daily we are met with new facts and images of rising temperatures, accelerated natural disasters, deforestation, food scarcity, extreme weather conditions and more. It is obvious to us all that our selfish and short-sighted treatment of this planet and its once-abundant resources is now costing us dearly.

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  • Pregnancy and Africology

    Pregnancy and Africology

    With careful use, aromatherapy is a natural therapy that’s great to use during pregnancy, throughout labour and also in the months following the birth.

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  • So you think your sun screen is safe?

    So you think your sun screen is safe?

    While no-one disputes that you need to protect your skin from sun damage and the premature ageing effects of prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays, more and more people are realising that how you protect yourself can hugely impact your health and your skin.

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  • What does it mean to bio hack skin and body

    What does it mean to bio hack skin and body

    The human body is a wonderful source of regenerative energy, and when we feel our best, we tend to excel in life and function at an optimum level. This invigorates our innate ability to weather the stresses of modern life and the way our bio-systems handle pressure – which ultimately affects the condition of our skin and organs. Empowering this stress-busting capability and making use of its full range of potential is key for ultimate health, which explains why biohacking – lifestyle changes that ‘hack’ your body to be more susceptible to energetic flow, recovery, healing and balance – can be so transformative.

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  • The Power of Rooibos

    The Power of Rooibos

    At Africology, rooibos is one of our most precious ingredients. Sourced locally and sustainably, we work closely with farmers to ensure that our rooibos is free from pesticides and chemicals before and after harvesting.

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  • Sleep has the ability to heal

    Sleep has the ability to heal

    These days, not sleeping is a badge of honour. Executives boast of how they get by on three hours of sleep, and there are entire industries dedicated to keeping us all awake. Between smart phones, energy drinks and streaming entertainment, there is so much that entices us to skip out on sleep.

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  • Vitamin A, Africology and Pregnancy

    Vitamin A, Africology and Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and being a grandmother myself with both my daughters using Africology products during their pregnancies, I am deeply aware of the importance of clean formulation. It is my intention, when selecting ingredients, to be mindful of what is important during the development stages, and how Africology can support the correct and beautiful formation of the child, from embryo right through to birth. 

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  • Is your skin care free from heavy metals? Our chelation process.

    Is your skin care free from heavy metals? Our chelation process.

    Chelating agents are used in cosmetic formulations to bind metals and to help them pass through the body. Africology uses Sodium Phytate, which is a white, odour-free powder that is easily/readily water soluble. It is used as a chelate/cheating agent to boost the antimicrobial activity of preservatives, improve the efficacy of antioxidants, and stabilize products against the effects of metal contamination.

    We use it as metals can enter a cosmetic formulation from production equipment, as well as unavoidable impurities from ingredients (e.g. extracts, pigments) and from processing water. 

    Our chelation is used in combination with typical antioxidants (tocopherol, ascobyl palmitate) to ensure that metals do not oxidise in the body.

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  • Aromatherapy


    Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for spiritual and medicinal purposes by healers, mothers and religious leaders. Essential oils are the fragrant parts of a plant which have properties that can help us physically and emotionally. The most popular way to apply these oils is through massage, and this increases the effects of the oils by greatly relaxing body and mind. Essential oils can also be used in a number of other ways and still produce great benefits, such as in the bath or in a vaporiser. Africology uses this concept and creates formulations that contain natural plant extracts that work in synergy with essential oils in each individual product.

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  • The Dangers of Chemical Additives in Hand Sanitisers

    The Dangers of Chemical Additives in Hand Sanitisers

    As an integrated Health Coach, I know how valuable it is to share knowledge that will help your body stay healthy. To be a truly empowered, consumer you have to know the truth about what goes into Alcohol hand sanitisers and how that can disrupt your wellbeing.

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  • Use Alcohol Hand Sanitisers Responsibly

    Use Alcohol Hand Sanitisers Responsibly

    Africology is deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of the entire body, not just the skin, and my extensive research of the best possible protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus required understanding exactly what we need to protect ourselves from – and how. From considering the air we breathe to every surface that we touch, it's vitally important to understand how this virus makes its way into our bodies, and to choose a sanitising formulation that contains the most effective actives to help stop the outbreak in its tracks.

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  • Embracing our precious planet with beauty

    Embracing our precious planet with beauty

    Mankind’s disgregard for Mother Nature’s abundance has seen our beautiful Earth being battered to such an extent that we’re facing a future filled with daunting realities. From accelerated natural disasters to deforestation, food shortages, extreme weather conditions and fierce competition for reclining natural resources – catastrophic repercussions are predicted that directly spring from decades of selfish and short-sighted abuse of the planet.

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Nature, the environment and our emotional health are all delicately linked and together, they have a profound effect on our human biology. This month is such an important reminder of this powerful interplay and breast health awareness not only calls for a conscious recognition of your innate physical wisdom, but also to honour and celebrate the natural beauty of your body — emotionally and spiritually.

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  • Celebrating Inner Beauty

    Celebrating Inner Beauty

    This Women's Day, we're inspired by the words of Audrey Hepburn, who said that a woman's true beauty is reflected in her soul. The wisdom that we gain with age is an immense source of inner stability and for each of us, there comes a time when we team to let go of the ties that bind our souls - when we free ourselves from ego and self-sabotaging notions of right and wrong. It's when we finally step into our own light, and away from external demands that threaten our authenticity. 

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    There isn’t much that can be done to stop the madness – apart from helping customers to educate themselves. Therefore, I’d like to highlight some key factors to consider when choosing a hand sanitiser to ensure your and your family’s safety and overall health down the line.

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  • Blend It Beautifully

    An Africology serum is a unique, concentrated cocktail of potent active ingredients that target specific skin conditions. The ingredients are used at the most effective stage of their life cycle, so that we can craft a product that is safe, pure and guaranteed to produce results.

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  • Certification Organisations

    When I started formulating my own cosmetic recipes, my raw materials came from local farmers. Most of these farmers were passionate about what they grew and did so without the use of chemicals. Most used moon phases to plant and harvest, and they knew the value in biodynamic principles.

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  • Bambelela Lodge

    Bambelela Lodge

    Bambelela Lodge is home to one hundred vervet monkeys, four meerkats, two porcupines, two owls, a few sheep, many chickens, a flock of peacocks, and a tame Kudu named Sissie. In addition, the lodge is home to volunteers from all over South Africa and the world, all playing their part to rehabilitate monkeys so that they can one day be released back into the wild in troupes.

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