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The Power of Balance

By Renchia Droganis
CEO and Founder of Africology

Being a natural healer, I used to work with energy in all my reiki treatments. With the growth of Africology, I am no longer able to do one-on-one consultations. To fill in that missing part of my journey, I choose to work with radionics, as I see its value in correcting energy imbalances. I also see the benefits it can have for our skincare when we actively choose to invest in our own energy-balancing processes.

If I had to define the word ‘energy’, I would say that it is the creative essence in everything that allows all things to manifest themselves. Inspired by holistic methods, and how corrective energy balance techniques can heal on so many levels, I now use radionics to blend my healing signature into my formulations. Now I can create even more beneficial skincare remedies that divinely uplift the skin and body.

I see radionics as a science that is walking a holistic path. Radionics are boosted remedies that transfer etheric imprints of a therapeutic substance into Africology skincare ranges. This is vibrational skincare, imprinting the energy pattern of a remedy into the very formulation of our skin care blends. This emphasises the natural healing and anti-aging properties of our active ingredients. Radionics is a highly effective healing tool, whose only limitation is the limitation of the human mind.

Being a holistic therapist, it is my passion to heal, using energy to bring balance to the human electromagnetic field.

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