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IV Treatments at The Maslow

The Maslow is proud to offer the world-famous Reviv Wellness IV treatments at our spa. We are also honoured to work with Dr Mohammed Moosjee, official doctor of the South African cricket team. We are guided by his expertise in this area of healthcare, and with his expert advice we can offer our clients the best in IV infusions to boost your health.

There are five different IV treatments that meet different nutritional and energy needs:

HYDROMAX is our pure hydration infusion restoring your body’s hydration levels. Best suited for athletes or anyone dehydrated.
ULTRAVIV is our recovery infusion. Delivering anti-nausea medication, pain reliever, vitamin B-12 and an energy booster, this IV is best for those recovering from illness, hangovers or jet lag.
MEGABOOST is our vitamin wellness infusion. Packed with a host of essential vitamins & minerals this infusion is best for restoring your immune system and general health wellness
VITAGLOW is our latest IV treatment offering. With a heavy dose of the naturally occurring anti-oxidant Glutathione, VITAGLOW fights free radicals that damage your skin’s elasticity. This infusion is best suited for those seeking anti-aging benefits.
ROYAL FLUSH is our deluxe purification infusion combining the recovery benefits of ULTRAVIV with the wellness benefits of MEGABOOST. Best suited for those feeling completely run down and physically drained.
Add to this the special Africology IV treatments:

Magnesium Supplementation

Our Magnesium is a beneficial mineral that offers a variety of healing effects; every organ in the body requires the mineral magnesium. Most beneficial in treating agitation and anxiety, restless leg syndrome, sleep disorders, irritability, abnormal heart rhythms, muscle spasm and weakness, hyperventilation, insomnia and poor nail and hair growth. Magnesium is also essential to slow down the ageing process in the skin and is present in hundreds of key biochemical processes in the human body. It also stimulates the skin to ensure that healthy elasticity is maintained and moisture levels remain normal. It is ideal for improving circulation and stimulating skin health.

Vitamin C Immune Boosting Cocktail

Ascorbic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin C, has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis in dermal fibroblasts by increasing the rate of transcription of collagen genes. Try our Vitamin C cocktail and enjoy the benefits of a firmer more resilient skin whilst building the immune system and improving the transport of nutrients from the blood into the cells.

Glutathione Anti-Ageing Elixir

Our exclusive glutathione anti-ageing elixir; beneficial in the approach to working from the inside out. Improving skin tone, reducing wrinkles & restoring skin to a youthful appearance, whilst improving overall cellular health and assisting the liver in detoxification. Our treatment approach can be used as both a preventative and corrective measure. The evidence is clear that Glutathione levels are important for cellular health and clearly aid the liver in detoxification. Numerous studies have shown that Glutathione levels decrease with age. This allows for greater oxidative stress and free radical damage to occur. Increase your Glutathione levels today and reap the seemingly limitless health benefits.

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