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Healing with nature


Years ago, my granddaughter and I would grow herbs for the fairies, and some of my fondest memories is of that little girl in her garden – picking herbs, making little bundles, and whispering wishes into the plants. She’d cook them in a pot and feed the other plants in the garden, because she knew there were angels looking for nourishment.

Most astonishing was the time when she was mourning the loss of a dear friend: making herbal offerings to her, it was my granddaughter’s way to connect with her invisible friend.

The spirits of plants are vast and beneficial for all
– they heal & allow us to find a true sense of calm.




The essence of a child’s innocence makes this world a magical place, and we can learn so much from children’s pure and untainted connections with our creator and the angels. When we free ourselves from expectations and fears – and ease into playfulness and intentional ceremonies – we too can return to innocence, and hear our creator’s voice clearly. 

One of the plants that have inspired and awed me the most in my life is artemisia – and it’s been such a wonderous journey to connect with her essence and follow her healing guidance over the years. Using artemisia and its oil in so many treatments and applications, I’ve witnessed its incredible ability to heal malaria, reduce swollen sinuses, and treat eye infections. And when the worldwide pandemic hit, it was my protector against Covid. Aligned with Africology’s intention and purpose – artemisia has such an incredible capacity to do good.



In essence, artemisia – which is also known as African wormwood – is a gentle yet powerful healer, and ancient cultures tapped into its vibrational frequencies to purify spaces and open channels for dreams to expand into states of consciousness.

Shamans would burn it as a smudge to purify their spiritual and physical environments before treating those in need of healing, and I can almost imagine them reciting soothing prayers. When I purify our spaces at Africology with artemisia, I can literally feel my heart energy opening up. Surrounded by an incredible sense of unconditional love, blending formulations then feels like sending blessings into the world.

It's a sacred act to tap into the spirits of plants – and I truly believe we receive their energetic gifts when we mindfully use them in rituals that promote nurturing & care. 



Artemisia has a harmonising effect, and her gentle vibrations
will guide you to realign with your inner truth. Awakening your
intuitive, feminine essence, it’s the foundation for authentic healing.

Over the years, my Reiki and massage therapies have always started with a deep inhalation of artemisia oil – followed by a tap on the heart. Symbolically, it created a connection between me, our creator, and the person I was treating. Clearing an aura with artemisia opens the door to the divine, and at Africology, all our therapists are trained to use this “opening touch “ in their treatments to clear negativity and invoke inner peace.

Deeply inhaling artemisia oil at the start of a treatment opens the airways and any sinus constrictions. But mostly, it creates a deep connection with the plant’s essence and frequencies. Ultimately, all healing is self-healing – but the privilege to facilitate the space and time for you to experience the divine means that miracles can unfold.


 This Green Friday, we are celebrating the spirit of the Earth, and honouring the plant kingdom that keeps blessing us with an abundance of gifts. May you tap into the profoundly nurturing essence of plants – and create a soothing space for self-care rituals that nourish YOU. Symbolising the sacred energy of growth, our gift to you is artemisia seeds, so that you’ll always have its pure & gentle energy at hand when your body needs a little care. 



  • Sow the seeds directly into the ground and cover them with rich and organic compost.
  • Keep in mind that this herb needs a lot of room to grow.
  • Water the seeds adequately and remember that they need light to germinate (this process can take 2-4 weeks).
  • Once the first set of “true leaves” appear, you can transplant them outdoors or thin them out.
Ultimately, your intention when planting the seeds will make them grow into beautiful plants that are receptive to your own energetic language.

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