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Grounded in your truth

Almost overnight, COVID-19 has caused collective feelings of fear and uncertainty to spread around the globe, affecting people in all corners of the earth. And as the situation unfolds, without any clear end in sight, we’ve all experienced some moments of panic and dread.

Apart from my years of training and studying meditation and the practice of detachment, I can honestly say that this disease has been the biggest teacher in my life to date. With so many unknowns in the mix – and no one really being able to predict how the virus will behave and what its effects will be – we are in many ways flying blind, and this just adds stress to a situation that is already filled with fear.
While we cannot control the things that are uncertain – frustrating as that may be in this seemingly chaotic time of confusion – we are in control of our emotions. We can turn to the source of purity and calm where your own inner wisdom resides.

I reminded myself today that each of us are empowered with the tools that enable us to see and feel what we want – and that the choice of perspective will remains ours through it all.

Every morning, I choose to mindfully unplug from the overwhelming energy that comes with COVID-19 for 17 seconds – and I repeat this short but powerful process whenever I need to regain my inner balance or clear space in my soul. I’ve created a ritual around it to release any fears and this allows me to stand tall in my inner truth and strength. I invite you to try it out too…
- Spray the air around you with Africology’s Eucalyptus Natural Spring Water Mist, which clears the energy and also contains eucalyptus, which boasts powerful anti-viral properties.
- Place a few drops of our Energy Charge oil in the palms of your hands. Inhale deeply, hold your breath as long as you can, then breathe out. Repeat 3 times.
- Dip your fingertips in the palms of your hands, cover them with oil and then tap your sinuses and heart. Breathe in positivity.
- Place your hands over your eyes and rest your head in the darkness of your palms. - Focus on gentle, rhythmic breathing, and flow with feelings that uplift you.
- Visualise places or spaces that make you feel happy and safe. Do this as a conscious choice, and decide to not to stay trapped in fear.


Whenever you find yourself faced with fear, this exercise is perfect to help you ground yourself and return to a place of inner wisdom and strength.

- Place your left hand on your solar plexus, and your right hand on your crown chakra.
- Breathe in, recall the fragrance of Africology’s Energy Charge, hold your breath, and then, as you exhale, let go of the trapped fear in your solar plexus.
- As you inhale again, bring your right hand down onto your heart chakra. In this moment, activate a feeling of absolute joy.
- This is where the magic happens – in this space of self-induced happiness.
- The longer you hold the positive feeling, the more intense the energy that will flow will be.
- When you breathe out, imagine how your breath clears out and activates your space with healing and protection.

I formulated our Energy Charge blend many years ago, after meticulously studying the benefits of Artemisia (African wormwood). This plant has a remarkably protective energy – you can already sense it when you inhale its essential oil. Coupled with eucalyptus oil, it produces a wonderfully effective synergistic blend.

We recently received an email from a customer who wrote to tell us how this oil has helped a family member recover from COVID-19. It filled my heart with joy to know that the plants extracts we use are so healing, nurturing and potent. While we don’t proclaim to diagnose or treat anyone, it is heartening that our techniques and reasoning are in line with positive, healthy outcomes.

As we navigate this new future together, we will continue to learn and grow; and continue to share healing knowledge as we tap into the wisdom of Mother Nature and her timeless authenticity. And we will keep encouraging each other to stand tall in our inner truth.

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