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Grounded in your body’s INNATE HEALING WISDOM


When I present my workshops on self-mastery, I can easily identify the over-achievers in the room – those participants who are there because their company paid for them to do the course. Then there are those on a personal journey, who aim to grow and better themselves from a deeper level – they have a way of subtly holding space for themselves.

It reminds me of a workshop I did in 2017 for the pre-Miss SA contestants as part of Africology being the exclusive beauty & spa sponsor…

I still vividly remember the morning when I felt a little wired, with my mind all over the place before the start of our workshop. I always ask our Creator to be the conductor of what I teach, so I stepped out for 10 minutes, inhaled the fresh air, calmed my spirit and allowed whatever I was meant to teach to flow through me from my higher self.

During the workshop, it was Demi-Leigh’s wide eyes and innocent face that struck me most about her. She’s a realist, a beautiful soul, and so sincere in her yearning to learn more, know more and do good. With no judgement and no ego, she was fully present and in the moment. She made that workshop work for her.

That morning, I just knew in my heart that she’d be our next Miss South Africa. And when she answered the following question on the night she was crowned as Miss Universe, it was clear that she’s not only a ‘beauty with brains’, but also an extraordinary soul who is conscious and aware.

What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that quality to your time as Miss Universe?

“As Miss Universe you have to be confident in who you are as an individual. And Miss Universe is a woman that has overcome many fears and by that she is able to help other women to overcome their fears.”
– Demi-Leigh Tebow (née Nel-Peters)

 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was crowned Miss Universe in 2017.


We were so honoured this week when Demi-Leigh featured our Intense Hydration
Night Treatment on her Instagram feed. It’s a testament to this product’s ability to
nourish and nurture the skin by providing good hydration and peptides to build

After seeing images of research on skins that were transformed by our peptides, I’m tempted to use the word anti-ageing.

You’re never too young to care for your skin and prevention truly is better than cure.

I'd love for you to experience the profound benefits of this special product.
See how its delicate yet powerful essence transforms your skin, and feel the pure joy evoked by essential flower oils, including geranium and patchouli.






Crafted with super peptides, with long-lasting effects. It specifically targets and stimulates collagen. The results are seen almost immediately. A glowing even skin tone, with pigmentation, targeted. Effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firmer, smoother and more youthful


C-19 is requiring all of us to remember that if we stay connected to our hearts and minds – and true to our highest selves – we can confidently navigate the uncertainty and not succumb to fear. Putting our faith in our Creator or transcendent energy, we can master our fears and not attract anxiety and ill health into our circle of influence.

Being responsible for your own wellbeing includes not being burdened with anxiety and despair. Eat nourishing, wholesome food; engage in healthy thoughts; and practice social distancing – but without imprisoning yourself. Apart from physical requirements to function optimally, our immune systems also need to feel connected. This means experiencing love, closeness and being acknowledged.

It’s also the time to be discerning in the way we treat our bodies. Arm yourself with sound knowledge so that you can make wise choices. This includes avoiding ingredients and preservatives that are harmful to humans, and the planet. Don’t be fooled by empty promises at the expense of your precious health and immune system.

PS; A nightly ritual to anchor your thoughts in positivity is a powerful way to manifest good intentions. Keep reminding yourself that every cell in your body vibrates with good energy – we are all in a continuous state of healing. And when you awaken, give thanks for another opportunity to start afresh, with gratitude for all that you have.

Africology CEO & Founder

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