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Gratefully Reflecting On 2021

Witnessing a gathering of like-minded spirits who share a vision for a brighter future, pooled resources and actionable steps to achieve inspired solutions to care for and give back to Mother Earth, this past Green Friday turned out to be truly magical. It’s in the spirit of this sacred experience that all of us at Africology want to thank you for joining our journey this year, and for being part of our collective effort to honour the planet by planting more than 5,000 trees.

It’s always given me such joy to see the Africology Tribe grow and unfold, and I know in my heart that by continuing to be there for each other – and for the Earth – we are paving the way for a future in which we will increasingly be able to work with the magic of energy exchange.

As we receive, we also share, and nurturing our community projects will always be a driving force in all that we do. Your support makes it possible for us to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most – which once again reminds me how transformative the power of collective good can be.




We find ourselves at a point in time when the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit are celebrated to the full, and the true meaning of personal freedom is coming to the fore. To heal from all the different traumas we’ve suffered, we all need to develop critical thinking, and nurture a deep-seated sense of personal sovereignty in our lives.

The key is to remain in a state of self-regulation and healing amid life’s busy storms, and prevent losing yourself in the trends and threads that keep pulling us in all directions. 

It’s therefore so important to nourish your body with goodness, and that includes arming yourself with enough knowledge to be able to discern between ingredients that heal, and those that harm. Your relationship with your body and your health is similar to building a relationship with another – and it involves continuously learning more towards greater understanding and wellbeing. 

We create our own happiness and health is our gift – and it’s important to never depend on anything or anyone for these things. Free yourself from all that doesn’t serve you as you step into your own personal power. Life will always present challenges, but when we look at it as a teacher, every hardship becomes a tool that helps us to achieve self-mastery.

Personal power is never about abusing others for self-gain, so acknowledge what works for you, tap into your own wisdom, and free yourself from the constraints of victim mentality.



As we come to the end of the year, I am happy to say that we have once again witnessed so many miracles and experienced so many life-changing moments that have either rocked our world or made us resilient. Tapping into the language of the Universe always helps to understand her teachings.

The renowned spiritual author Dr Wayne Dwyer offers such a meaningful explanation for this process when he writes that there’s a spiritual solution to every problem. His work has truly helped my heart to stay focused on miracles instead of fear, and it prevents me from losing my authentic self during these trying times.

I keep reminding myself that with this pandemic, the Universe has given me a very big assignment, which requires me to put all my learnings into practice. It continuously makes me try a little harder, and subsequently, I’ve expanded my knowledge on how to strengthen the immune system; and how to create new products based on the body’s need to be healthy. I can’t even begin to tell you how profound my discoveries have been! Needless to say, we’ve been hard at work in our lab and quite a few new and exciting products will be launched in 2022.

With this, my family and I extend our sincerest thanks to you all – it was a privilege to once again journey with you this past twelve months as we tackled the year together. We truly value your support and to show our gratitude, we will always do our best to work on special promotions to give back to you. After all, the foundation of our new reality and the spirit of community is to share and show up for one another when it really matters.

May you have a blessed festive season. Remember that happiness is an inside job, so just be in the now. Tap your heart and release the inner healer that resides in you – in any given moment, you can always return to your sacred sovereignty.

With love and light,

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