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Embracing our precious planet with beauty

Mankind’s disgregard for Mother Nature’s abundance has seen our beautiful Earth being battered to such an extent that we’re facing a future filled with daunting realities. From accelerated natural disasters to deforestation, food shortages, extreme weather conditions and fierce competition for reclining natural resources – catastrophic repercussions are predicted that directly spring from decades of selfish and short-sighted abuse of the planet.


Considering the implications, not just in the near future, but especially for our children and their children, can be quite overwhelming, and it’s almost tempting to lose heart given the scope and complexity of the challenge. Thankfully, you are not giving up. And thankfully, you do care. While the situation may sometimes seem irreversible, and the task near impossible, you are aware of the difference that every single change and lifestyle habit can make, and your choice of skincare brand reflects that.


At Africology, we are simultanuously proud and humbled by the fact that conscientious consumers share our vision and goals, and that you are not only entrusting the health of your skin with our carefully formulated natural products, but also choosing our ranges because of their ethical and ecological integrity.


Recyclable glass, ethical formulations and cruelty-free products – echo a rising voice of hope that is transforming a sense of overwhelm into optimistic wellbeing; a tide of negative news into an emphasis on effective solutions; and a reminder of the transformative collective power of the innate good nature of people who care enough to change the future for the better.

Empowering yourself with a sense of responsibility, the gift of knowledge and a spirit of kindness goes a long way to being part of this rising voice of positive change…


An era of responsibility

After decades of almost unchecked behaviour, the world is now finally waking up to the need to accept universal responsibility, and it is heartening to witness how humankind’s choices are naturally becoming more and more compassionate. Choices that are good for the planet, others, as well as yourself automatically uplift everyone in your sphere, and inspires a renewed commitment to make more careful use of the resources we have available.


Knowledge is power

Education is key to arm ourselves and generations to come with the best possible knowledge to discover new and impactful ways to address the challenges we face. Through sound environmental education, solutions are born, and new and better ways are learnt to help preserve our precious resources. Based on living a more balanced life and sharing rather than consuming mindlessly, environmental education encompasses everything from our choices in food, clothing, cleaning products and cosmetics, and with the right knowledge, we can all make better choices, and hold ourselves, our communities and the companies we work for accountable.


Sincerity of heart

Kindness and compassion are deeply motivating and they ground us in an intuitive knowledge of what needs to be done. Anything done in a true compassionate spirit for the world and those who live in it, automatically leads to a more authentic, caring and mindful life – it enables us to protect each other and our environment while we still have it.

All of us already know in our hearts what we can and need to do, and that there are so many ways, big and small, to make a difference – from choosing cruelty-free products to selecting organic and fair-trade options; and from recycling, eating ethically-farmed and -sourced produce to supporting small local businesses and taking companies to task for their carbon footprints and use of unnecessary chemicals.

Your choice of Africology products support our sourcing, principles and manufacturing ethos, making a profound impact on our ability to tread lightly on the Earth, as well as develop healing formulations that are good for you, and the planet. We feel privileged that you are part of our journey to do what is right, rather than what is easy or cheap.

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