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Breast Cancer Awareness

Nature, the environment and our emotional health are all delicately linked and together, they have a profound effect on our human biology.

This month is such an important reminder of this powerful interplay and breast health awareness not only calls for a conscious recognition of your innate physical wisdom, but also to honour and celebrate the natural beauty of your body — emotionally and spiritually.

By being conscious of our bodies — physically and emotionally — we can truly be in touch with ourselves. As one of the most sacred expressions of femininity, breasts are simultaneously soft and sensual, as well as potent symbols of nourishment and nurturing. They embody the beauty of what it means to be a woman.

As they are so closely connected to the heart, connecting with our breasts and acknowledging their spiritual and physical qualities allow beautifully pure feelings of being grounded in the self to flow freely. It forms part of the heart chakra, where compassion and love constantly swings between self-love and love received.

By making self-supporting choices, you bestow precious gifts upon yourself with lasting effects — from choosing healthy relationships to shaping the way you love and the environment you live in.



I've always been dedicated to formulating products and ranges that are mindful of breast health, and hormonal balance is a key interests in my studies as an integrated healer. 

It's one of the most intricate human systems and endocrine health depends on the purest of ingredients. At Africology, we select active ingredients for our products that are not just free of harmful chemicals, but also filled with ingredients that greatly benefit the body's bio-systems.

Orthomolecular therapies (alternative medicine that aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation) are particularly close to my heart and I'm thrilled that we're extending the use of vitamins, minerals and adaptable plant actives in our ranges even further.




One of my favourite reads in recent years has been Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr Christiane Northrup. In this well-researched bestseller, she presents a plan for breast health with an emphasis on omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds, an increased vitamin D intake as well as coenzyme 010 — and it's made a profound impression on me.

Similarly, the world-renowned therapeutic nutrition specialist Dr Andrew Saul's lecture on high dosages of vitamin C in combination with niacin motivated me to use niacin more in my own daily health protocols, as well as in our formulations.

The work of the Taoist Master Mantak Chia is equally stimulating and his teachings and techniques for activating the immune system are incredibly powerful.

Even the simplest acts of self-care can have immense benefits — from Chi Gung (a centuries-old system of coordinated movements, breathing and meditation) to healing massages and other forms of therapeutic touch.

In essence, by constantly learning more about your own biology, you empower yourself to take care of your body, mind and spirit so much better. It paves the way for self-care rituals that are authentic, meaningful and healing — and blessed with all the benefits your body needs.


For more inspiring and self-research, visit:

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Light your Africology Heart Chakra candle and apply a few drops of Skin Hydrating Oil to the palms of your hands.

Gently inhale as you give thanks for your breasts and every other part of your body. As you become aware of your entire self, gently inhale and massage your breasts with love felt deeply from your heart.

Smile at your breasts, acknowledge them and marvel at the miracle that you are. Feel the energy of your breasts and gently move love from your heart into every cell in your breasts.

This ritual is particularly beautiful and meaningful after surgery.

Sacred self-care rituals are conduits for a grateful spirit and deepen your awareness. They're grounded in the knowledge that we are sacred souls living in physical organisms - and they celebrate the potential within each of us for a miracle to unfold.

Of course, self-care is not limited to the realm of women and men also have a responsibility to respect and care for their bodies. It is within this sphere of wisdom that humans can meet each other honestly, caringly and openly. And it is here that we can explore the heart space and together, journey into the Divine.            



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