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How to Use Your Africology Serums

An Africology serum is a unique, concentrated cocktail of potent active ingredients that target specific skin conditions. The ingredients are used at the most effective stage of their life cycle, so that we can craft a product that is safe, pure and guaranteed to produce results.

Each serum assists with refining lines, smoothing wrinkles, repairing damage caused by free-radicals or UV, pigmentation, inflammation, acne, scarring, and dry and lifeless skin. They also help your skin to remain truly radiant, more youthful and more natural. Each serum is easily absorbed and mess-free.

All Africology serums are natural and contain zero chemical preservatives, binders or stabilizers. We use 100% pure essential oils derived from plant extracts. Some of our ingredients are bio-identical, which means that they have the same structure as certain cells within the body and the skin. This makes it safer and easier for your body to accept and work with these ingredients. This ensures the desired effect and promised result.


Of course, now that you know all about our wonderful serums, which is the right one for you?

Each Serum has a signature property, making it a targeted and powerful treatment for a particular skin condition. When you blend your Serum with our Moisturiser and into your Exfoliation Cream and Masque, you give it ample opportunity to work its botanical alchemy on your skin.

Remember, you only need four drops per application!

Below, here is a chart recommending which serum works best for your skin’s needs. Click on the Serum image to find out more about that Serum’s properties.

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