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  Africology Spa situated at the 5 star Boardwalk Hotel includes an indoor heated pool, fitness centre, healing herb garden, unique hydrotherapy cold water walkway, a sauna area and steam room to name but a few attractions. Guests can choose from a wide variety of Africology holistic massage treatments; from a quick Express Facial to an indulgent all-day Jahzara package which includes complimentary spa cuisine.

For those holiday-goers and business travellers who are looking to completely de-stress, Africology offers several treatments that are especially focused on helping to relieve a stressed muscular system by improving blood flow and re-energising the body.

Taken into consideration the damage the sun can cause on the skin whilst on the beach front, Africology provides treatments uniquely designed to combat damage done to the skin by using hyaluronic acid to replace moisture, leaving the body with a shimmer glow.

Africology - Capturing the Intelligence of Nature
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